Obama Wants to Flush $50 Billion More Down the Toilet

Hat Tip to Neal Boortz.

Obama gave a pep rally in Milwaukee for his upcoming proposal to gouge more money from taxpayers. Appropriately, it was in front of an audience full of union goons.

Obama chose to announce this new stimulus plan at the Milwaukee goonfest in Wisconsin hosted by the AFL-CIO and Milwaukee Area Labor Council. More details? We’re told that the plan Obama announced calls for spending $50 billion to improve roads, railways and runways to update America’s infrastructure. This is a six-year plan. The first year will apparently be paid for by “scaling back oil and gas industry tax incentives.” That’s another way of saying “tax increases.” And that is just the first year. How they will manage to find the money to continue funding the plan for the next five years remains to be seen. But it will have to be paid for somehow and either way you can assume that YOU will be paying for it. This is a good time to remind yourself that all taxes are taxes on wealth .. and that all wealth is held by individuals. So various businesses and corporations – including the hated oil companies – may see their taxes increase, but they’ll simply pass it right down the line to that little hose sticking in the back of your car.

There’s a bonus for Obama in the mix here as well! The man who worships the god of government will get a brand-spanking new government agency out of this! Obama wants to set up a permanent funding mechanism — an Infrastructure Bank — “to leverage federal dollars and focus on the smartest investments.” These are the investments that the government and the unions deem to be “smart.” They will be “smart” only if they employ union workers. Is this to be the transportation version of Fannie Mae? Imagine the treasure trove of political appointments this little goodie would create!

Remember where the other $814 billion “stimulus” went?

For shit like this:

•$6.1 million in federal funding for a new visitors center at the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge
•$700,000 for a professor at Northwestern University to create computer software that tells jokes
•$89,000 on a sidewalk that leads to a ditch in Boynton, Oklahoma
•$554,763 for the National Forest Service to replace windows in a closed visitor center at Mount St. Helens
•$762,372 to create “Dance Draw” interactive dance software
•$1.9 million for international ant research
•$200,000 to help Siberian communities lobby Russian policymakers
•$760,000 to Georgia Tech to study improvised music
•$700,000 to study why monkeys respond negatively to inequity
•$363,760 to help NIH promote the positive impacts of stimulus projects
•$456,663 to study the circulation of Neptune’s atmosphere

and this:

•$5 million to create a geothermal energy system for a shopping mall in Tennessee. The mall is over half empty of tenants and has had falling shopper attendance for years
•$1.57 million to Penn State University study fossils in Argentina
•$100,000 to a puppet theater in Minnesota
•$2 million to build a replica railroad tourist trap in Carson City, Nev.
•A boat cruise company in Chicago got almost $1 million to “combat terrorism”
•$500,000 went to Ariz. State Univ. to study ant genetics
•Another $450,000 went to Uinv. of Arizona to study ants
•Almost $400,000 went to Univ. of New York to pay students to drink beer and smoke marijuana for a study there
•$219,000 to the Nat’l Institute of Health to study if young people “hook-up” after getting drunk
•$210,000 to the Univ. of Hawaii to study bees
•$700,000 to crab fishermen in Oregon to pay for lost crab pots
•$5,000 a person tax rebate if you buy a new electric golf cart (Wall Street Journal)
•Up to $1 million went to prisoners in $250 stimulus checks (FoxNews)
•$54 mil to a New York Indian tribe to run its casino (New York Post)
•$1 billion for a power plant in Mattoon, Illinois that is based on speculative science and may not even work
•$15 million to back-road bridges that get little traffic in Wisconsin
•$800,000 for a practically unused airport in Pennsylvania
•$3.4 million for an animal walk way under a road in Florida
•$1.15 million to install a guard rail for a lake that doesn’t even exist in Oklahoma
•$10 million to renovate a rail station that has stood unused for a decade
•$578,000 to battle homelessness in Union, New York even though the town says they have no homeless people there
•$233,000 to the Univ. of Calif. to study why Africans vote… in Africa
•$2 million to build a new fire house in a Nevada town that has no firemen
•North Carolina schools got $4.4 million for literacy and math coaches… to teach their teachers
•$54 million for a railroad project in Napa Valley went to a minority-owned company that then hired a local construction company for half the price, pocketing the rest
•A California company was given $15 million in stimulus money to monitor water quality in a stream it was under indictment for polluting previously

and this:

•$462,000 to purchase 22 concrete toilets for use in the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri
•$1 million for Portland, Ore., to replace 100 aging bike lockers and build a garage that would house 250 bicycles.
•$1.3 million on government arts jobs in Maine, including $30,000 for basket makers, $20,000 for storytelling and $12,500 for a music festival.
•$6 million for a snow-making facility in Duluth, Minn.
•$173,834 to weatherize eight pickup trucks in Madison County, Ill.
•$20,000 for a fish sperm freezer at the Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery in South Dakota.
•$300,000 for a GPS-equipped helicopter to hunt for radioactive rabbit droppings at the Hanford nuclear reservation in Washington state.

Unions, (the SEIU in particular) TARP, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and a crapload of special interest groups tied to the Dems, benefited from Obama’s rape of the American taxpayer.

Still think the government can manage your money better than you?

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