Union Lackey Insists ‘No jobs are better than low paying jobs’

Via the New York Post.

In Congress, union giveaways — like the ever-upward minimum wage — have helped feed a painfully high jobless rate, now stuck near 10 percent.

Union-driven pensions, health-care programs, overtime and other work rules have nearly bankrupted industries (Detroit), threatened the fiscal integrity of state governments (California, New Jersey, New York) and wreaked havoc on entire nations (Greece).

In New York, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. actually teamed up with the unions to kill 2,200 jobs at a planned Kingsbridge Armory mall last winter.

Arguing, bizarrely, that no jobs were better than “low paying” jobs, Diaz demanded retailers at the proposed mall guarantee pay and benefits of at least 60 percent above the minimum wage.

Understandably, the developer balked, the mall died — and the jobs evaporated.


The workers who might have gotten jobs don’t know who they are, of course. Thus the only person apart from Diaz who can speak to the situation is Stuart Appelbaum, who leads a retail-workers union and helped kill the project.

He says Diaz is “a rock star.”

All this comes at a time when government jobs have become bloated and more unionized, while the private sector lost 54,000 more jobs last month and unemployment stands at 15%.

That “rock star” is a flaming ass.

1 thought on “Union Lackey Insists ‘No jobs are better than low paying jobs’”

  1. Where Did The Jobs All Go? Nobody Seemed To Kn-ooow-
    Where Did The Jobs All Go? Hoyt Axton song Where Did The Money Go? R.I.P. Hoyt.
    Stuff Like That There-
    Kills jobs faster…union rise…job DEMISE!

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