Obama’s “Ally of Sorts” Tied to Murder of Ambassador

From Fox News.

On tonight’s Special Report, Bret Baier reported on an exclusive breaking news alert: intelligence sources are convinced the Mideast attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya was directly tied to Al Qaeda.

Catherine Herridge reported that they believe that Sufyan Ben Qumu (whose name has also been transliterated as Sofiane Ibrahim Gammu) was likely involved in the attack, and even may have led the attack on the consulate.

Qumu – a Libyan – was released from the US prison at Guantanamo Bay in 2007 and transferred to Libyan custody under the condition that he would be kept in jail. He wasn’t.

According to his Gitmo files, he was also tied to 9/11 financiers, and his alias is “found on a list of probable Al Qaeda personnel receiving monthly stipends and family support.”

From Big Peace.

The Obama administration promptly labeled Qumu an “ally of sorts,” according to the New York Times – that despite the fact that as of 2005, he was known as a “medium to high risk … likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests and allies.” What made him an ally? According to the Times, that status change was due to the Obama administration’s “remarkable turnabout resulting from shifting American policies rather than any obvious change in Mr. Qumu.” As a leader of the Libyan rebels, head of the Darnah Brigade, Qumu received support from NATO. And unnamed Western observers, according to the Times, felt that Qumu wasn’t a real threat: “We’re more worried about Al Qaeda infiltration from outside than the indigenous ones … Most of them have a local agenda so they don’t present as much as a threat to the West.”

In other words it’s that despicably stupid “muslim outreach” that saturates his foreign policy. In the meantime, the SCOAMF goes out of his way to maltreat Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East.

Feel safer?

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