Obama’s ‘Class Warfare’ Comment During Jobs Speech, Gets Laughs

I never watch any of B. Hussein’s speeches since I like my TV and I don’t want to damage it in any way.  But it’s always fun to observe the aftermath.

The Republican side of the House floor burst into laughter during President Barack Obama’s big jobs speech on Thursday when he said his plan “isn’t class warfare.”

They also didn’t take to kindly when President Obama name-dropped billionaire Warren Buffet, who he said “pays a lower tax rate than even his secretary — an outrage he has asked us to fix.”

“I mean, well yeah Warren Buffett, gimme’ a break!” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) later exclaimed. “I mean we find out his business is four billion in the rears (sic) on taxes, and he goes public and says ‘hey I’m all for more taxes, I don’t pay enough taxes.’ Pay what you owe, how about that!  Four billion dollars — think about what that could do, the jobs that could provide, and the money could be applied towards the deficit.”

B. Hussein, stand up comedian.
(RIMSHOT) “Thanks, you’ve been great folks. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal. And don’t forget to tip the servers, they need the money.”
He’s a practicing Marxist who demonizes  successful entrepreneurs who create jobs and hire people, he rails for tax increases and ‘spreading the wealth’, and every domestic economic policy of his oozes socialist class warfare.

Most people, especially business owners, aren’t buying his shit sandwich.  It takes a lot of blind, stupid arrogance for Obama to keep pushing his failed brand of Keynesian government.  Acumen isn’t the strong suit of the smartest guy in the room.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s ‘Class Warfare’ Comment During Jobs Speech, Gets Laughs”

  1. “think about what that could do, the jobs that could provide, ” Uh, paying taxes doesn’t make for more jobs though…Unless he means gov’t jobs.I’m just sayin’!

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