PBS Alters Transcript to Cover Obama Gaffe

Does the smartest guy in the room really need help from media hacks?

Barack Obama has gone to Congress asking for more money to spend. The President, in a rambling and tedious exercise mixing blame with demands, made quite a few dubious statements in laying out the case for Congress to vote for the plan which as yet does not exist. Much like Obamacare, Congress must ultimately vote for the bill to know what is in it.

At one point Obama made a major gaffe; he identified Abraham Lincoln as the founder of the Republican Party.

Lincoln did not join the Republicans until 1856, over two years after the party was founded. The first Republican convention was held in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854.

Such a gaffe would have brought huge amounts of ridicule and derision on George W. Bush, but in the case of Obama the media yawned.

Actually, they did more than yawn; government-funded PBS has altered the transcript of the President’s speech, removing the offending comment.

The New York Times transcript has the following quote:

“We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union.  Founder of the Republican Party.  But in the middle of a civil war, he was also a leader who looked to the future — a Republican President who mobilized government to build the Transcontinental Railroad — (applause) — launch the National Academy of Sciences, set up the first land grant colleges.  (Applause.)  And leaders of both parties have followed the example he set.”

But how does it appear in the PBS transcript?

“We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union.  But in the middle of a Civil War, he was also a leader who looked to the future – a Republican president who mobilized government to build the transcontinental railroad; launch the National Academy of Sciences; and set up the first land grant colleges.  And leaders of both parties have followed the example he set.”

The Left always scrambles to correct this moron’s every faux pas.   I’m surprised Obama’s lackeys at the New York Times let the truth slip on this one. Remember the field day the MSM had with Dan Quayle misspelling ‘potato’, and George W. Bush’s “misunderestimated” malapropism?

Obama’s (and Biden’s) list of gaffes and public embarrassments, especially in the diplomatic realm, are in a category all to themselves.

NewsBusters has provided a list of Obama’s gaffes so far.

They range from plain stupid to thoughtless and malicious.

A partial list:

“The Bomb” that fell on Pearl Harbor

“The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.”

10,000 People (A Whole Town!) Died in Kansas ~ Oops, Overstated by 9,988

Admits His Plan would Necessarily Cause Energy Prices to Skyrocket

Air Raiding Villages a la Yankee Air Pirates: Destroys Whole Afghan Villages!

ATMs Cause Unemployment

Blames Hugo Chavez’s Election on (ta da) BUSH!  Oops.

Blows off the Salute To Heroes (MOH) Inaugural Ball

Botched Toast ~ Babbles over “God Save The Queen”

Bows to the Chicom President

Bows to the Emperor of Japan

Bows to the Saudi King

Burns up 9,000 gallons of Jet Fuel on Earth Day

Can’t Keep MOH Recipients Straight

Celebrates the Fifth of the Fourth

Claims to be the only President in History to Try to Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations

Confuses “his” Christianity for “his Muslim faith”

Congratulates the FBI’s First Hundred Days

Constitutional Principles on Judiciary Written 20 Centuries Ago

Cops Acted Stupidly (@ 1:30)

Date Nights at a Quarter of a Million a Pop

Disrespects the Flag and the National Anthem

Doesn’t Know How Old His Daughter Is

Exaggerates about Military Small Unit Methods, Weapons, and Tactics in Afghanistan

Expects to be President for “Eight to Ten Years”

Faux White Sox Fan Can’t Name Favorite Players, Loves “Cominskey” Park

Gins up the Reason for his Birth In Selma (Bonus…Jive Accent)

Gives a Shout out to MOH who Isn’t

Gives the Queen an iPod

Gives Thoughtless Gifts to Brit PM Brown and his Children

Had an Imaginary Assignment to the Senate Banking Committee

Had an Uncle who Liberated Auschwitz

Has Visited 57 States

Harvard Degree ~ Mechanical Engineering?  No, Definitely NOT!

How to Keep All Those Wars Straight?

Identifies a Whole New State (Eau Claire)

If I Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance, I’ll Baffle ’em With BS

Israel is a Strong Friend of Israel’s ~ Whilst being Perfectly Clear

Medical Genius (Off Prompter)

Mistakes a Window for a Door

Mocks Joe the Plumber

Navy Corpse Man

Oaf of Office

Oh Wait…Robots Create Jobs with Unions (@ 1:35)

Panders to Hispanics…Rewrites History Again

Screw Our Allies ~ I’m going with Hugo and Ortega on This One

Seeks Greater Inefficiencies in the Health Care System via Obamacare

Sees Dead People

Signs the Wrong Year in Guest Book at Westminster Abbey

Snubs Brits by Returning the Bust of Winston Churchill

Someone Waging a KMA can’t Spell “Libya” (h/t our own Warner Todd Houston)

The Time has Changed for Come

Thinks “Victory” is a 4 Letter Word

Thinks Austrian is a Language

Thinks Europe is a Country

Throws Out the Honored Guest with the Trash

Wants to Halt the Rise of Privacy

We Can’t Balance The Budget…w/o Tax Increases  ~  Um, Bernanke Disagrees

When in Ireland, Do as the Irish Do….NO WAIT….BYOB (non-alcoholic)

Will Halt The Rise of the Oceans

If all goes well, there’s only one year and three months left of his regime before he’s kicked out and hopefully replaced with someone who has real leadership abilities, loves America, honors the Constitution,  respects national security, and can articulate without the constant use of a teleprompter.

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