Obama’s Nanny State Fantasy: ‘Life of Julia’

The latest Obama campaign slop is a propaganda cartoon called the ‘Life of Julia’; about a fictional American woman who is a cradle-to-grave product of B. Hussein’s socialist wet dream.

Via James Taranto.

Obama has a new composite girlfriend, and her name is Julia. Her story is told in an interactive feature titled “The Life of Julia” on the Obama campaign website. Julia, who has no face, is depicted at various ages from 3 through 67, enjoying the benefits of various Obama-backed welfare-state programs.

As a toddler, she’s in a head-start program. Skip ahead to 17, and she’s enrolled at a Race to the Top high school. Her 20s are very active: She gets surgery and free birth control through ObamaCare regulations, files a lawsuit under the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and pays off her student loans at a low interest rate. We get updates at age 31, 37 and 42–and then the narrative skips ahead 23 years when she enrolls in Medicare. Two years later, she’s on Social Security, at which point she can die at any time.

In a column amusingly titled “Who the Hell Is ‘Julia’and Why Am I Paying for Her Whole Life?”, David Harsanyi raises an obvious objection to the story: “What we are left with is a celebration of . . . how a woman can live her entire life by leaning on government intervention, dependency and other people’s money rather than her own initiative or hard work. It is, I’d say, implicitly un-American, in the sense that it celebrates a mindset we have–outwardly, at least–shunned.”

This may explain why, in the campaign’s telling, nothing happens to Julia between 42 and 65. That period includes the typical peak earning years–the time at which, assuming Julia is gainfully employed, she will be paying the biggest price for “Obama’s” generosity.

At 31, the story tells us, “Julia decides to have a child. Throughout her pregnancy, she benefits from maternal checkups, prenatal care, and free screenings under health care reform.” In due course she bears a son named Zachary, the only other character in the tale.

The  faceless State-created underachiever doesn’t accomplish anything independent of the government. Her entire life is a carefree, no-risk government safety net paid for by other people’s money. It’s the Welfare State on steroids.  No where is the fictional ‘Julia’ responsible for her own actions.  There’s a huge 23 year gap in the story (between 42-65) and we’re supposed to suspend belief and imagine that she’s somehow gainfully employed with marketable job skills. In the story, she becomes “a full-time web designer” (probably for her local welfare department) and thanks to Obamacare, Julia can “focus on her work rather than worry about her health…”  

The slide show is rife with ominous warnings about what will happen under a Mitt Romney presidency. Romney, according to the ad, will “cut funding for public education to pay for tax cuts for millionaires”, “healthcare reform will be repealed”, (I certainly hope so), he’ll make “steep cuts in federal funding for schools”,  “Julia’s social security benefits will be cut by 40%”, ad infinitum.  It’s chock full of class warfare, insulting condescension, and declaring that women are just too helpless to fend for themselves without big brother Obama taking care of them.

In Obama’s utopia, big government allocates our money for American sloths.  The Orwellian story doesn’t say what future is in store for the single mother’s child, but if it’s anything like “Julia’s”, Dear Leader wants us to pay for the little bastard, for decades.  Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get to be dictator for life, and our next President (Romney) will be strongly urged to reverse the damage Obama did to this country.

The problem with the “Julia” scenario is that anyone with a functioning  frontal lobe knows that the entire story is bullshit on stilts. 

Debt for individual Americans, thanks to big socialist government spending, is already at $183,000. The cost for Medicare/Medicaid: $830,493,000 and Social Security: $740, 600, 000.  The national debt is fast approaching $16 trillion. Watch as the numbers multiply.  Obama’s spend/tax/bailout orgy is unsustainable. The truth is, by the time all of Obama’s disasters catch up with “Julia”, she won’t have a government pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

Real life “Julias” like Nadya Suleman, aka the “Octomom”, and Angel Adams are entitlement culture Frankensteins who are just as allergic to birth control as they are to job hunting. The government (our taxes, actually) gives them food stamps, welfare checks, and housing.  Real women don’t suck off the public teat; they embody the rights that were gained by women who marched for workplace opportunities, education, and the chance to excel on the playing field, like our males counterparts. They don’t spit out kids they can’t support at the rate of one per year, by faceless fathers.  They do their best to contribute to the country in a positive way.   They don’t allow a socialist douchebag to exploit them as part of his cesspool of “fundamental transformation” and leave a terrible financial burden on their children.

Unfortunately, there’s too many “Julias” out there who expect others to pay for their lives and do nothing in return.

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