Obama’s Plan For U.S. Disarmament Continues

The latest Democrat-sponsored erosion of our military weaponry:

The Senate on Tuesday voted to strip money for seven additional F-22 jets from a $680 billion defense bill, after President Obama threatened to veto the entire bill if the money remained.

The 58-40 vote was a win for the White House and, for the moment, prevents Obama from using the first veto of his presidency. The president considered the $1.75 billion addition to the defense bill a waste of money.

But the fight to fund additional F-22 jets is far from over. Because the House passed a version of its defense bill including additional funding, the subject will come up in negotiations to reconcile the two bills.

Obama on Tuesday thanked the Senate for approving the amendment that he says will “better protect our troops.”

Obama said he rejected the notion that the country has to “waste billions of taxpayers dollars” on outdated defense projects.

“Better protect our trrops”? “Waste of money”? Is he fucking kidding? Let me get this straight…this asshole thinks allocating money to upgrade our military weapons system is “a waste” while he continues to flush trillions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet for his own socialist interests—control of the banks, private businesses, and auto industry, as well as pet projects like ACORN.

“That’s why I’m grateful that the Senate voted against an additional $1.75 billion to buy F-22 jets that military experts and members of both parties say we do not need,” he said at the White House. “At a time when we’re fighting two wars and facing a serious deficit, this would have been an inexcusable waste of money.”

Really? Not according to this military expert:

……this is what happens when defense budgeting is a zero-sum game. Even any Army end-strength increase is going to have to come out of some other hide (don’t expect that allegedly walled-off FCS money to be around very long).

This is also a very good day for the ChiComs: less for them to worry about, not only from us but from the Japanese (this pretty much kills export of F-22). And it is a big step in confirming the long-term decline of US defenses that the Obama budget/program represents. Even if much/most of his domestic program doesn’t make it, he’s begun locking in yet another decade of defense neglect.

There will soon be a crisis of American airpower: old F-15 and F-16s, aging F-18s and not enough of them to fill carrier decks, too few F-22s (that you’re going to be very reluctant to use) and late arriving (and limited) F-35s (and what’s the likelihood that F-35 goes forward according to plan?), plus a dinky and old bomber fleet. I haven’t worked out the numbers, but if you look forward 7-10 years, the picture has got to be very ugly.

But then again, since there are going to be no tankers, it doesn’t matter that there are no fighters.


This should serve as a reminder for those who think this fucking socialist milksop has no intention of destroying the U.S. from within.

From the 2008 Obama campaign:



With this stupid mutherfucker in charge, it’ll be a miracle if this country survives his regime.

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