Obama’s Priorities: Family Vaycay in the Bahamas Over Patriotic Airshows and White House Tours


“Money worries are for the little people.”

Sasha and Malia clubbing in the Bahamas.

A source tipped Breitbart News off to the First Daughters’ spring vacation, which was not publicly announced or reported.

Breitbart subsequently confirmed President Barack Obama’s daughters’ trip with other sources. Both the White House and the Atlantis resort declined to confirm the report or comment, but another guest provided a photograph of Sasha and Malia at the resort.

Social media, including Twitter and Facebook, have also carried reports of the First Daughters’ presence at Atlantis. One person who is at the resort wrote: “Rumor confirmed: friends saw the first daughters with a gaggle of friends being escorted to the held elevator.”

Via Twitter, another person wrote: “Obama daughters at the same restaurant as me…in the bahamas.”

Atlantis describes Club Crush as the “ultimate nightclub for teens ages 13 to 17 and tweens ages 9 to 13 vacationing on Paradise Island.”

No White House tours. Apparently, it’s too expensive.

As spring break begins for schoolchildren across the country, thousands of students will travel to Washington, DC.  The trips, funded by bake sales and other events throughout the year, will allow the students to take in Washington’s historic landmarks.

……The principal reason the White House canceled public tours was to save money on Secret Service staff. The White House reported that suspending the tours would save $74,000 a week. Other reports have put the savings at just $18,000 a week.

Whichever the true amount, the Secret Service detail necessary to protect the First Daughters on their spring break could likely have been used to keep the White House open to the rest of America’s school children. Judicial Watch reported that Malia Obama’s Spring Break in Mexico last year cost taxpayers over $115,000. That amount would cover 2-6 weeks of White House tours.

One premier destination is off-limits this year, however. A few weeks ago, the Obama Administration announced it was suspending public, self-guided tours of the White House as a result of the automatic sequester cuts that the administration proposed in 2011. While America’s students stand outside the White House fence, the First Daughters, Sasha and Malia, are enjoying spring break with friends at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Make those sequester cuts as painful as possible for political gain; no Blue Angels or Thunderbirds this year.

In its continuing bid to make the automatic sequester cuts as painful to the public as possible, Obama’s Pentagon has announced that it is suspending its aerial acrobatic flying teams, like the Air Force’s Thunderbirds and the Navy’s Blue Angels. With the decision, the Obama Administration is continuing the fiction that the last dollar government spends is on services most valued by the public.
Each branch of the military operates its own aerobatic team. The Navy and Marines have the Blue Angels. The Air Force has the Thunderbirds. The Army has a parachute team called the Golden Knights. These teams are publicly popular features of air shows across the country. After performances this past weekend, the Pentagon will suspend public appearances until at least after September 30th, the last day of the fiscal year subject to sequester cuts.

The decision raises two, almost conflicting, questions. First, is the Pentagon’s budget so efficient that cutting the aerobatic teams is a natural place to trim spending? When the government has to shave pennies off every dollar it spends, does it always need to first go to the areas the public most sees? To save $2 million, over a 7 month period, out of the Secret Service budget, Obama chose to cancel self-guided tours of the White House. I appreciate the Obamas’ predilection for luxury vacations, but couldn’t they have scaled back these, rather than shutter the White House from the public.

From a previous post:

Obama and MoMo blow millions of taxpayer dollars on expensive world-wide vaycays.  Joe Gaffemeister Biden just racked up a $585,000 hotel bill during a one-night stay in Paris.

Don’t like their taxpayer-funded opulence?  Dem strategist Hillary Rosen says us little people shouldn’t question the way Biden wasted over half a million dollars on himself.

Remember all the indignant hissy fits the leftwing media nuts threw over Sarah Palin’s $150,000 campaign wardrobe which was paid for by the GOP, not the taxpayers, by the way?

Keep up the bakes sales, kids.  But spend the money on something more worthwhile until Emperor B. Hussein leaves the White House for good.

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