Obama’s Sorry-Assed State of the Union Dreck

I did not bother to watch Obama’s 70 minute-long pat on the back. I make it a point to either push the mute button or change the channel on the remote when the self-absorbed President Punchdrunk appears on my T.V. screen, but suffice it to say I got all I needed through sound bytes and a scan through the transcript.
More comparison and contrast here:
And here:

This sums it up:

*Obama did the requisite “blame Bush” tactic.

*He lied about the “jobs saved” by his stimulus bill, and neglected to mention the skyrocketing unemployment (3 million more)  and increase of the federal deficit to $1.35 trillion and counting.

*He still wants to shove government-controlled ObamaCare and the Cap and Trade farce down our throats even though we’ve made  it abundantly clear that we do not want them.

*He lied about the lobbyists and special interests.

*He lied about cutting taxes and spending. The FITW on my Army pension increased. The Dems just voted to raise the debt limit to $14.3 trillion. Spending is out of control. How does this moron expect to pay for all of this? Print more money? Even the ObamaCare proposals contain tax increases.
The government manipulates the tax system to cover its ass:

The Senate will also vote on new budget rule that would make Congress cover any increases in government benefits with either a corresponding tax increase, spending cuts elsewhere or a combination of the two. The same would apply for new tax cuts, such as the tax credit Obama proposed Wednesday night for small businesses that hire more workers. The tax cuts would have to be “paid” for with corresponding spending cuts or increases in other taxes.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not a tax cut.

And this nifty little trick: The new withholding tax tables for 2010 buries an increase in federal withholding taxes––for all income categories––basically giving the government an interest-free loan until current year taxes are filed next year.

*He neglected to mention the granting of Constitutional and Miranda rights to Islamic terrorists, who deserve neither.

*In a thinly veiled threat to separation of powers, he openly vilified the Supreme Court justices for daring to extend campaign spending rights to everyone, including corporations.

*He lied about doing  “our work openly, and to give our people the government they deserve”, while he and the Dem supermajority, continue to formulate their agenda behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny.

*He mentioned himself at least 100 times.

*He used the SOTU address as a lecture and an opportunity to condescend and bully opponents of his socialist train wreck.

*He made a total ass of himself.

Hey Obama, the State of the Union called. It said to shut the hell up.

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