Obama’s War on Military Votes

He got the idea from Al Gore.

Via Breitbart.

Breitbart News’ Mike Flynn broke the news that the Obama campaign was suing in the swing state of Ohio to block a law that extends early voting for members of the military for an additional three days. A fierce battle erupted, with Democrats (and a few conservatives) arguing that Obama campaign was simply trying to extend the military’s privilege to everyone else. Regardless of the remedy they seek, Flynn points out, they are suing to end an exemption for military voters. It would not be the first time Democrats–who pretend, in their fight against voter ID, to want more ballot access–have tried to stop the military’s votes from counting.

……In 2008, for example, the State of Virginia (a critical swing state in 2012) had failed to send absentee ballots to members of the military on active duty in time for them to complete the ballots and return them before the election. When the campaign of Republican nominee Sen. John McCain sued to compel the state to count military ballots that had arrived after election day, the State Board of Elections–then run by Democrats, appointed by a Democratic governor–argued, effectively, that it could send absentee ballots to the military a day before the election and still be in compliance with the law.

Obama, like his Dem pals, doesn’t like the military anyway, and has more concern over “gay rights” for those in uniform than voting rights.

The Dems also make sure that dead people, fabricated registered names, and illegals are part of their voting bloc every election cycle.

Right here in Ohio, our former illustrious Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, abetted voter fraud (including ACORN)and the 6th District Court of Appeals gave its blessing. In addition, out-of-state Dem voters took up a temporary residence for the sole purpose of fraudulently voting for their boy Obama; taking advantage of a huge loophole in Ohio law. Ohio requires that you live within its borders for 30 days prior to registration with the intent to stay after the election. They voted and left the state.

Boss Tweed would be proud.


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2 thoughts on “Obama’s War on Military Votes”

    1. Chip,
      Just FYI: We are a democratic republic; which means our votes work like this, from one of my posts on the subject:

      There is no Constitutional right for individuals to vote in a Presidential election. The only people with a Constitutional right to vote are the electors from each state. How the state legislatures choose and appoint the electors is up to them. It doesn’t necessarily involve a statewide public referendum.

      The 24th Amendment is rather vague:


      Section I

      “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay poll tax or other tax.”

      The tax provision aside, the 24th Amendment at first glance, not only includes voting for electors, but as individuals in a Presidential election. The first part of that paragraph: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President…” seems pretty clear, unless you interpret the “for electors” as “only” but not “and”.

      I’m very well aware of the Electoral College and its function. What I’m saying is this: The electors cast their vote based on the public vote tally in each state, even though nothing in the exact wording of the Constitution includes the individual citizen voting in a Presidential election.

      The Constitution provides that senators will be elected by state legislatures and the President will be selected by a body of “electors” rather than a national vote. In spite of this, citizens still cast votes for chosen candidates, and not specific “electors”. If the Constitution is taken literally, we’re supposed to be voting for electors, not Presidential candidates.

      Each state has a set number of electoral votes; the popular vote of a state determines to whom those electoral votes will go. Hence, the ‘republic’ concept.

      Having said that, the electoral college only applies to national elections, not state or local.

      Regardless, members of the United States military are faced with different, and often more difficult circumstances when it comes to voting. We have to make sure we obtain absentee ballots for every election; local, state , and national. Then those ballots have to be mailed back to our hometowns to the local elections board in order to be counted. This is not always done in a timely manner and many times, the absentee ballots cast by the military go uncounted and discarded. The Dems have a habit of doing this because they are painfully aware that most of the military votes Republican.

      I was stationed overseas a lot during my Army career, and I can only speculate as to how many absentee ballots of military personnel have been shitcanned by malfeasant Dems.

      SFC MAC

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