“Occupy” Lowlife: ‘We’re Out of Hibernation’

Just so you know, they never really left, they just took a winter vaycay.

Harrison Schultz, “Occupy” thug on Sean Hannity’s show:

We never left. We were just tired. I mean, anarchy isn’t easy. This is a lot of work. We had to hibernate for awhile, but today we are resurging. The energy is really good out in the streets.

The problem here is capitalism. That’s what needs to change. That’s what is failing all of these people. I personally don’t care about this election. I know other people are working on it.

But I am looking at far, far more radical alternatives than political alternatives. I would like to actually see a new form of politics entirely.

Ah, Springtime. Time to plot terrorist activities, and engage in a crime wave of rapes, vandalism, riots, and various other felonies, with hatespeech thrown in for good measure.

Already they’ve assaulted police officers and smashed up businesses, with Obama’s stamp of approval.  Eric Holder, who has yet to use his position at the DOJ for anything other than harrassing states for enforcing immigration laws, refuses to prosecute the violent, radical shitbags.

Anarchy’s never been so easy.

2 thoughts on ““Occupy” Lowlife: ‘We’re Out of Hibernation’”

  1. Personally I hope they act up and act out. I hope they blast their message from every possible news organization into the head of every sane American from Memorial day until the November elections. I hope they show what the radicals of 1968 showed at the Democratic convention in Chicago. They are the best advertisement for getting the sane American voters out there to haul their carcasses to the polls and do a straight line vote for real American values.

    When you think about it, they are our best advertisement.

    1. nycentrist,
      That’s exactly what I’ve said before: Leftwingnuts should never be censored; they should be fought tooth and nail. There’s no secret to their violence-prone agenda. It’s right out there for everyone to see. Let them spew all they want. Public forum and sunlight are the best disinfectant.

      SFC MAC

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