Taliban Terrorist Wearing Afghan Military Uniform Kills American Soldier, Wounds Two Others

Quick Obama, get General Allen on the line. Time for more penance.

Via FoxNews

A man wearing an Afghan National Army uniform opened fire on coalition troops in eastern Afghanistan on Friday, killing an American and wounding two others, officials said.

“An Afghan Army soldier turned his weapon against US Soldiers inside an Afghan-US military base in Kunar Province, killing one US Soldier and injuring two others,” provincial police chief Ewaz Mohammad Naziri told AFP.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

……A total of 20 NATO soldiers have been killed by Afghan colleagues in at least 15 separate attacks so far this year.

The survivors will be reprimanded and made to apologize.

Between the ass-kissing over a 7th century muzzie screed, totally fucked up ROE, and hand-wringing over dead Afghan civilians, killing the enemy is no longer a priority.

The Taliban are able to infiltrate the Afghan military at will because Karzai’s army is comprised of ragtag slugs who prefer to let the United States Army do the heavy lifting.  Afghanistan is one of those Islamic cesspools we should have simply neutron-bombed to extinction. Instead, we have flunkies for military leadership and a Dhimmi-in-Chief who is more concerned with muzzie sensitivities than actually winning this war.

2 thoughts on “Taliban Terrorist Wearing Afghan Military Uniform Kills American Soldier, Wounds Two Others”

  1. ya can’t tell the players without a program…they don’t want what we’s sellin’…

    get outa dodge!!!…

    bring our young warriors home…now…such a fuggin’ waste!!!…

  2. And in response Obama apologized for American troops getting in the way of his freedom of expression that allows his jihad via the front end of his weapon.

    Muslim cunts all.

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