“Occupy” Protesters Demonstrate Their Social Skills

The “Occupy” derelicts show off their social and hygiene skills.

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2046586/Occupy-Wall-Street-Shocking-photos-protester-defecating-POLICE-CAR.html

Of course, Obama and his idiot side kick Biden approve of the morally and intellectually bankrupt scumbags.

Said Obama: “People are frustrated and the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.”

Biden, who lacks the neurons required for cognitive thought said:

“There’s a lot in common with the Tea Party,” he said. “The Tea Party started, why? TARP. They thought it was unfair.”

Uh, no. The Tea Party was formed in response to an out-of-control government and a Dem majority in Congress who held the Republic and the Constitution hostage while they rammed ObamaCare through Congress, declared a class war, and because of the damage they inflicted on this country since Obama took office.

It wasn’t too long ago when Joe Biden called the Tea Party “terrorists” and now he’s trivializing the movement by narrowing it down to TARP.  It’s about a lot more than just TARP, but then again, Joe ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

Take a good look at the photos and watch some of these “occupy” retards as they try to explain themselves.

That sums it up.

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