Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants Who Helped With Bin Laden Killing

No one likes a snitch, especially Paki terrorist collaborators.

PAKISTAN’S top military spy agency has reportedly arrested five Pakistani informants who assisted the CIA over the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The arrests of the men, including a Pakistani army major said to have copied the licence plate of cars that drove up to Bin Laden’s compound deep in Pakistan, comes amid strained ties between Washington and Islamabad in the wake of the US Navy SEALs raid last month.

Pakistan’s Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency today said it had no immediate comment on the report, carried in the New York Times.

Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta had raised the fate of the CIA informants during talks with Pakistani military and intelligence officers in Pakistan last week, US officials told the paper.

At a closed briefing last week, CIA Deputy Director had rated Pakistan’s counter-terrorism co-operation with the United States as three out of 10.

Three out of ten is way too high. On a scale of ten, I’d give the Pakis a minus 20.

Pakistan doesn’t like the CIA intrusion and the ‘humiliation’ of having Bin Laden killed on their soil. They could have spared themselves both had they actually gone after bin Laden themselves since they knew damned well where he was, and if they didn’t make a habit of aiding and abbeting the terrorist cells in their country.

Pakistan has been uncooperative in the war against Islamic terrorists. The Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) has Taliban moles on its payroll, and cells run back across the Afghan border after re-grouping, thanks to the Pakistan regime. Any resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan can be directly attributed to terrorist groups operating carte blanche in Pakistan; abetted by a large portion of the Pakistani government, Army, and ISI.

Obama isn’t much better.  He still intends to let Holder  investigate the very CIA interrogators who got the information that led to Bin Laden.  At least the drone missions continue.

This schizophrenic policy of publicly chastising our intelligence agencies while acting as if  cross-border strikes into hostile Islamic countries are a big goddamned secret, is just plain stupid.

Muslim terrorists use Pakistan as a safe haven for a good reason; Pakistan is not our ally.  We should be treating them accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants Who Helped With Bin Laden Killing”

  1. butt neckid

    did usamabamasoetoro narc them out…I thought mooslums din’t do dat to each utha…

  2. butt neckid

    sooo you updated the site for the comments section…

    as for the now #1 target on the hit list…I’ll bet nobuddy rats ’em out…unless they have a death wish…usamabamasoetoro will spill the beans on them…too!!!

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