Pakistani Sentenced to Death for ‘Blasphemy Against Mohammad’

More wonderful things from the ‘religion of peace’:

A Pakistani man has been sentenced to death for blasphemy after he defiled the Muslim holy book and used derogatory language to refer to the Prophet Mohammad, a police official said.

Convictions for blasphemy are fairly common in predominantly Muslim Pakistan, with most cases involving members of religious minorities, but death sentences have never been carried out usually because convictions are thrown out on a lack of evidence.

And just what evidence would that be?

The convicted man, Mohammad Shafeeq, a Muslim in his early 20s, was arrested in 2006 in a village near the eastern city of Sialkot where the trial was held in the court of Justice Shoaib Ahmad Roomi.

“Judge Roomi sentenced him to death for defiling the Holy Koran and using derogatory language against the Prophet,” said Shezada Hassan Ali, a senior official at the jail where Shafeeq has been kept.

“He can appeal the court decision.”

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says blasphemy law is misused against religious minorities such as Christians.

The article doesn’t explain just what kind of ‘derogatory language’ he used or how he ‘defiled’ the Koran, but one can only guess he was probably stating his opinion about the 7th Century screed and the despotic ‘prophet’ at the core of its subject matter.

Funny, I can’t recall the last time a Christian or Jew was sentenced to death for disagreement with or disavowing their respective religions/holy books.

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