Paris Creates App for Muzzie ‘No-Go’ Zones

Remember when the liberal  media called Paris no-go zones a “conspiracy theory”?

From The Daily Mail

An app has been launched in Paris warning people if they are in a so-called no-go zone and giving live alerts of sexual assaults.

Dozens of people have already downloaded No-Go Zone, which is available on Google Play, and it currently has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Its designers say the app is meant to let people know if they are in a dangerous area and allow them to avoid places in the French capital where they might be at risk of violence or crime.
Other users can upload current incidents, ranging from attacks to sexual assaults, and they will beamed straight to a smartphone or device.

The app’s description online reads: ‘Whether you are staying in an unknown location, looking for a safe place to live, on your way to a specific location then No-Go Zone allows you to reduce any risk of aggression, theft, harassment or incivility.’

Users can also benefit from knowing how close they are to danger areas and what to be mindful of such as the infamous pick-pocket thieves around the Eiffel Tower.

One Parisian reviewer said: ‘Given the current degradation, it is better to have this app…unfortunately,’ according to WestMonster.

‘It is an indispensable application for anyone who thinks that the cultural ‘enrichment’ of non-natives is not compatible with our way of life,’ another said.


The French government lists hundreds of “sensitive urban zones“, aka no-go areas populated by muzzie thugs.  Apparently, Europe hasn’t had enough of these vermin.

Take your countries back. Kick these filthy motherfuckers out and stop any more from coming in.

Time for Frexit.

2 thoughts on “Paris Creates App for Muzzie ‘No-Go’ Zones”

  1. Lisa Whicker

    If you go to Google Play, you will see that there are maps for no-go zones for Rome, Brussels, London, Stockholm, and Berlin as well. GEEZUS!

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