PETA Nuts Demand Suspension for Eight Belles’ Death

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is seeking the suspension of Eight Belles’ jockey after the filly had to be euthanized following her second-place finish in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

Gabriel Saez was riding Eight Belles when she broke both front ankles while galloping out a quarter of a mile past the wire. She was euthanized on the track.

PETA faxed a letter Sunday to Kentucky’s racing authority claiming the filly was “doubtlessly injured before the finish” and asked that Saez be suspended while Eight Belles’ death is investigated.

“What we really want to know, did he feel anything along the way?” PETA spokeswoman Kathy Guillermo said. “If he didn’t then we can probably blame the fact that they’re allowed to whip the horses mercilessly.”

Eight Belles trainer Larry Jones said the filly was clearly happy when she crossed the finish line.

“I don’t know how in the heck they can even come close to saying that,” Jones told The Associated Press on Sunday. “She has her ears up, clearly galloping out.”

……Eight Belles, the first filly since 1999 to run in the Derby, appeared fine until collapsing while galloping out after the finish.,2933,354126,00.html

Before we go any further, I’d like to point out that I’m a member of the other PETA: People who Eat Tasty Animals.

I’m all for eliminating and prosecuting authentic animal cruelty, but PETA’s idea of ‘abuse’ is absolutely dimwitted. If you want to be a Vegan wackjob who limits your diet to nothing but rabbit food with the occasional tree bark for fiber, have at it. Just don’t expect the rest of us to follow suit. I like bunny food, but I also happen to like bunny.

PETA’s fascade took quite a beating the last couple of years:

……Now, two of its employees stand accused of tossing garbage bags full of euthanized cats and dogs into a Dumpster behind a Piggly Wiggly in Hertford County, 130 miles northeast of Raleigh.

Adria J. Hinkle and Andrew B. Cook, both of whom work in PETA’s Norfolk office, are charged with 21 counts each of animal cruelty, a felony that can carry prison time, along with littering and obtaining property by false pretenses.

……2,981. That’s how many dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other “companion animals” died needlessly at PETA’s hands in 2006. According to the group’s own records, PETA employees killed more than 97 percent of the flesh-and-blood creatures in their care that year.

Compare that with the Norfolk (where PETA is based) Society for the Protection of Animals, which euthanized only 38 of the 1404 animals placed in their care that year. Even the Norfolk city pound managed to release or adopt out more than half the number of animals it euthanized.

While PETA collects millions in donations by pretending to advocate for the welfare of animals, the group has killed 17,400 pets since 1998. Some animals are killed at PETA headquarters and stored in a giant walk-in freezer.

What kills me is Hinkle and Cook were found not guilty of cruelty but guilty of ‘littering’.

WINTON, N.C. – Two animal-rights workers were found not guilty of animal cruelty charges Friday but were found guilty of littering.

……Adria Hinkle, 28, and Andrew Cook, 26, were employed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals when they were caught June 15, 2005, dumping euthanized animals into a trash bin at a shopping center in Ashoskie. They had faced 21 charges of felony animal cruelty, seven counts of littering and three counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.

The two were each given a 10-day suspended sentence, 12 months of supervised probation, 50 hours of community service and a $1,000 fine. They will split the $5,975 restitution costs.

PETA has also been connected to domestic terrorist groups, the Animal Liberation Front, and the Earth Liberation Front. They’ve lent support and given thousands of dollars to the bomb-throwing asshats:

PETA gave $1500 to the Earth Liberation Front back in 2001. That would be the same Earth Liberation Front recently described as one of the nation’s top domestic terror threats. According to the Center for Consumer Freedom, this “gift” (acknowledged in PETA’s end of the year tax return) is the only public donation the Earth Liberation Front has received.

PETA’s tax returns show some other interesting payments as well. A $2,000 payment to a David Wilson, at the time a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front. A $5,000 payment to Joshua Harper, a self-described anarchist who faces terrorism charges for smoke bombing an insurance company with ties to a medical research firm.

Harper, incidentally, denies being a terrorist. He did tell the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, however, that he has a spark of hope “”a spark of hope in every broken window, every torched police car and every mink running free as their hearts desire.” He also says his ultimate goal is the “complete collapse of industrial civilization”.

Before the PETA moonbats throw fits over the tragic demise of a thoroughbred, they’d better shovel the horseshit out of their own stables.

2 thoughts on “PETA Nuts Demand Suspension for Eight Belles’ Death”

  1. People eating tasty animals against People Eating Tasty Animals

    People Eating Tasty Animals: Uncompassionate losers for animals since 1980

  2. I agree with you 100%. I don’t know why there isn’t more exposure of PETA for the whackos they are. Several years ago I saw, heard or read somewhere don’t know exactly because the story died after one report) that PETA contacted the governor of Nebraska or some mid-west state asking him to outlaw Fishing because the hooks hurt the poor fishies’ mouths.

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