Pete Stark Shows More Contempt for Constituents

Via Big Government.

……Last Saturday in Fremont, CA there was a town hall meeting held by Pete Stark and this 38-year veteran of Congress displayed some rather interesting respect for the people who pay his salary. Instead of answering questions in a helpful and informative manner, or even showing that he cared about the questions or the people asking them, Stark spent much of the time deriding his constituents, calling them names, and mocking their questions.

When the topic turned to the topic of border security, Stark really turned on the charm asking “Who are you going to kill today?” Literally accusing some of those attending the meeting of shooting people who try and cross the border illegally.


Just for the record, are the papers filled with stories of Minutemen gunning down illegal aliens? Nope.

At one point in the exchange the Congressman pulls a reverse Louis XIV and actually says to the questioner, “I’m not the government.” So why were you elected to serve and what are you doing in Washington?

About 3:45 into the clip, Congressman Stark references the Bracero Program (a temp guest worker program started in 1942) saying “we still have the Bracero Program.” One small problem here, Bracero was formally ended in 1964, a full nine years before Stark took office.

Had I the power, I would move every single one of these pro-illegal assclowns to a nice spot right along the border so they can experience first hand, the violence, murder, vandalism, thievery, and various other felonies committed by illegals.

Stark’s boorishness and arrogance are a standard part of his character flaws.

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