Hey McCaskill, Burns: Here’s Your ‘Brownshirts’

During a recent meeting Bob Burns, an aide of Claire McCaskill (D-MO), had this to say about Tea Party patriots:



“Someone said ‘brownshirts’, and people got offended with that. But, if you look at history, when Hitler took over Germany, he did it just that way: disrupting meetings, screaming — and then it got violent. But they were always a minority.”

More at Hot Air:

And Breitbart:

For one thing, the Nazis had a sizable presence in Germany; they weren’t a ‘minority’ for long. Secondly, you gotta love the selective memory of jack-booted Dems.

Union thugs attack non-union people:

Union violence is often talked about anecdotally but seldom addressed. Even though one 25-year study found nearly 9,000 reported incidents of union violence, union-controlled Democrats often try to sweep it under the rug and, when they can’t, they’ll feign shock while seeming to relish it when it happens.

On Wednesday, in Upper Merion, PA (outside of Philadelphia) another act of union brutality took place when several (presumably) union thugs used baseball bats to beat some construction workers who, in the union’s eyes, were guilty of being non-union.

Unions quickly turn on their own whenever they’re deemed a ‘threat’.
From the comments at the above link:

Just after high school, I went to work at a firm that was being struck. Several key union workers crossed the picket line and kept on working. They did not want to go on strike.

Union thugs killed one of the men – in front of his wife and five daughters, as punishment for crossing the line and to send a message to the other workers.

I was often followed home. I was assaulted once between the company and the parking lot. I was with a black co-worker, who got the worst of the beating. You should have heard the racist words flowing from the union workers.

One of my siblings was management working for an oil company when drivers struck. He had to drive a tanker truck. One time on the highway, union thugs pulled up in a pickup truck front of his tanker truck, pulled out a rifle, and put a slug into the truck engine. Fortunately, my brother was able to stop the rig.

My father committed that sort of violence on behalf of his union. He would laugh about it at the dinner table.

Then he ran for office in the union, and was crippled for life for not getting permission first (they intended to kill him). The union tried to block his getting any sort of aid or insurance to pay for his treatment.

Ask me what I think of unions.

More violence from union/Dem brownshirts:

A black Tea Party member, Kenneth Gladney, was viciously attacked by SEIU thugs at a townhall meeting.

Tea Party protesters attacked in Tampa, St. Louis, and Piedmont, North Carolina by leftist thugs.

Leftwing douchebaggers attack two GOP aides in Louisiana.

Compare and contrast Tea Party protests with the ones conducted by leftwingnuts.

Funny how dissent was ‘patriotic’ during the GW Bush administration, but now that a Marxist tool and his Dem majority run the government, it’s not so appealing. Dems need to be reminded that the Nazis were socialist. Nazi: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party)

They had a lot in common with the modern Democratic Party.

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  1. butt neckid

    I have a bunch of “brown shirts” some folks call ’em khaki….and I have a bunch of “swat” stickers too…I’m anti mosquito!!!!!!annnnnnnnnnnnd anti-mosque too……

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