Poll: 55% Oppose ObamaCare

Americans consistently show strong opposition to government-controlled health care.

As Americans wait for Congress to act on health care, a Fox News poll released Thursday finds 55 percent oppose the reforms being considered, while 35 percent favor them.

In addition, just over half of voters think House Democrats are “changing the rules” to get their bill passed.

About a third of voters (31 percent) think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are “playing by the rules” to get health care through, while 53 percent think they are “changing the rules.” Looking at the results by political party, 53 percent of Democrats think their party is playing by the rules, about one in four think they are changing the rules (27 percent) and the rest are unsure (19 percent). Varying majorities of Republicans (78 percent) and independents (57 percent) think House Democrats are changing the rules to pass the bill.

The level of public support for the health care overhaul has remained fairly steady since last July — 35 percent favor it now and 36 percent favored it last summer. The number opposed — 55 percent — is up from 51 percent in January, and from 47 percent last July. Opposition hit a high of 57 percent in December.


What part of “NO” don’t the Leftards understand? Move along….nothing to see here….

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