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From Bob Krumm, a journalist and blogger embedded with Soldiers from Ft. Benning:

I’ve observed one thing about this group which may surprise some.
During the entire week I heard not one complaint. In our seventh year of war, after multiple separations from family, even in wake of the recent Sadr uprisings, no one ever said “woe is me.”
Just five out of every ten-thousand Americans are now serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Out of every thousand soldiers deployed there, about four of them will die during the year.
This is a war with a better than 99.5% chance of survival. Still, it’s a different kind of war, one where there are no “safe” jobs. Yet not once did I hear that fear voiced.

I couldn’t help but to contrast the lack of complaint from those actually willing to sacrifice in this war with what I’ve heard from so many of whom nothing is asked.


Well said, Bob.

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