2 thoughts on “Racist Anarchist Thugs’ Meme Posted All Over Seattle”

  1. Another example of race discrimination posturing as a protest against oppression.
    We have Black History Month. A whole month of wonderful stories about the accomplishments of African-Americans. Many cases of overcoming in the face of adversity. Marshal Bass Reeves is one of my favorite heroes from the past. Yet, try initiating a White History Month to celebrate accomplishments of whites that stood out from the crowd and the screams of racism would be heard clear to the moon. I imagine Chinese American History Month would work or Native American History Month to suggest a couple, but never a White History Month. Oh, so much ignorance and hatred displayed and it’s not mostly from the whites anymore. We live in America, the great melting pot of possibilities. So much potential, so many great things to be accomplished and yet, many still use old misdeeds to stoke the flames of racism, sadly for their own personal adjendas. We are one Great Nation full of people of many shades. When those who look for any chance to play the race card are finally gone,those of us that already see past color will rejoice together. America, many different ethnicities molded into one people under God, Americans all.

    Jeffery Washington

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