Racist Black Supremacist Finally Canned From Homeland Security Department


Meet Ayo Kimathi, was an acquisitions officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in charge of buying weapons and ammunition for the government. He operates the website named “War on the Horizon”; it’s the New Black PanthersBlack Radical Congress, the New Black Liberation Militia (NBLM), the Nuwaubian Nation,  Jeremiah Wright, and The Nation of Islam all rolled into one.

It took three years, but they finally got rid of his rancid, racist ass:

The Department of Homeland Security employee who spent his free-time as a black supremacist has left the agency. Ayo Kimathi, aka the Irritated Genie, was outed earlier this year as a black supremacist when his website advocating “ethic cleansing” of whites and “black skinned Uncle Tom race traitors” was discovered by the public.
In August, Kimathi was placed on paid leave. DHS press secretary Gillian Christensen told the National Journal that “Mr. Kimathi is no longer an ICE employee. His last day with the agency was December 6.”  Christensen did not say whether he was fired or left the agency willingly.

Kimathi…. wrote things like “In order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites—more than our Christian hearts can possibly count.”

DHS had known about Kimathi’s “activities” since 2010.

Not sure what his next career move will be, but he’ll probably end up as the first KIA in the race war.

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