Rittenhouse Trial Judge Receives Threats

Notice how none of the unhinged leftie wackjobs are the least bit bothered by the assaults, looting, vandalism, arson, and murder committed by Antifa and BLM thugs. The same ones who were rioting in Kenosha when 3 of them were shot in self defense. Sucks to be them.

Fox News

Judge Bruce Schroeder, who has been presiding over the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial in Wisconsin, has been receiving threatening emails, faxes and other messages, according to reports.

The threats have included some aimed at the judge’s family members, the Daily Mail reported.

The messages also include accusations of racism against the judge and demands that he withdraw from the case, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Enjoy your term, judge, it’s going to be your LAST,” one message read, the Examiner reported. “If I ever meet you in person, I fully intend to spit directly into your face, regardless the cost. You’re disgusting.”

……Schroeder, 75, has attracted a lot of media attention since the trial got underway, including for his efforts to assert control of the court proceedings…..

……Although many of the messages have been sent anonymously, many others received by the judge have been signed with the writers’ full names, the Examiner reported.

The judge claimed during the week that he planned to “deal with” those who’ve sent him the threats, according to the Examiner.

“I wouldn’t want to be those people,” the judge said ominously, according to the outlet.

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