Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: How Did We Get Here?

I remember when all of the liberal cunts in the U.S. adored Russia. Of course, it was the Soviet Union at the time…. Fast forward to 2022 and libs are now the biggest war proponents and fascists, ever.



Fox News 

……On Twitter, you see Democrats pretending that their political opponents are responsible for the invasion and somehow support it. So, Joe Biden and his staff so mismanaged the world that Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine after Biden told us for months he could prevent that from happening, and yet all of it is your fault. So, that’s a slanderous lie.

In this country, virtually everyone understands that the invasion of Ukraine is bad. It’s bad for us and for the world and Vladimir Putin is bad too. So, effectively in America, those are settled facts. We can stop debating them. The question is: What do we do next? Vladimir Putin’s badness doesn’t absolve us of our responsibility to think clearly about how to protect this country and the rest of the free world, in that order.

……A writer called Tanner Greer wrote a piece this morning, which you should read. It’s entitled, “Pausing at the Precipice.” Greer began by pointing out that Russia has obviously earned our content. Most Americans now despise Vladimir Putin, and that’s understandable. They’re outraged, but moral outrage is not enough. Moral outrage is not a foreign policy.

In fact, Greer writes, moral outrage can be counterproductive. It’s clarifying, but here’s the downside. “A righteous reaction may be a dangerous one…In the field of power politics, it is outcomes, not intentions, that matter most. Failure to slow down and examine the assumptions and motivations behind our choices may lead to decisions that feel right in the moment, but fail to safeguard our interests, secure our values, or reduce the human toll of war in the long run.” 

Exactly. Nicely put. Another way to express it would be this: Our leaders could easily turn this tragic and volatile moment into a historic disaster. They’ve done it before. As of tonight, here are the two main things we ought to be worried about going forward: First, and most obviously, this war could get much worse than it already is. We could see many Americans die.

……Thanks to the efforts of the Biden White House, China is now Vladimir Putin’s strongest ally. The Chinese have just signed a long-term energy deal with Russia. They now have skin in the game. Russia will be powering China’s economy going forward. Good job, Biden White House. But because that’s true, how sure we that the Chinese will stay out of a war?

……OK, so we spent maybe three years holding up the lunacy of the Russiagate people and the lying as evidence that maybe they shouldn’t have a meaningful effect on our national conversation about politics and yet somehow, through a very unfortunate confluence of events, those very same unbalanced people are now having a measurable effect on our foreign policy and if you think we’re overstating the lunacy, try to follow the logic here. This is what she just told us.

So Donald Trump, that would be Putin’s man in the White House, tells Europe not to become dependent upon Russian oil, as he did, and to pay more for their own military defense, which he also did and was scoffed at, by the way. And yet, for some reason, Putin then waits to invade Ukraine until his man in the White House is gone and playing golf in Florida and now it is Donald Trump’s fault that Europe is dependent on Russia for energy. It was all part of Putin’s plan. Republicans wanted this to happen all along.

You can imagine MSNBC viewers, the ones sat through years of this, nodding along “yes.” Now the pee tape makes sense. What’s scary about this is that it’s not confined to MSNBC. The overlap between MSNBC guests shouting nonsensical partisan talking points and true conspiracy theories and Democratic policy-makers is profound. So Democratic lawmakers now pretending there’s a large and dangerous fifth column in the United States working for Vladimir Putin, which there is not. And as always, they’re talking about themselves.

……Eric Swalwell, for example, he recently took the maximum possible campaign donation from a lobbyist for Nord Stream 2 AG. Now that’s the company making the pipeline that will give Russia greater control over Europe’s energy grid and from which the Russian government profits.

So. Eric Swalwell is taking money from the Russians and by the way, this is a guy who had sex with a Chinese spy. Has he had sex with Russian spies? We don’t know, but you’ll notice the one guy who probably shouldn’t be calling other people traitors, as he takes money from Russian energy interests, is whipping around and accusing everyone else of rooting for the Russians.

……They hate populist politics in this country far more than they hate Vladimir Putin. So they’re using this opportunity, this war in Eastern Europe, to shut down domestic dissent in the United States and you’re seeing it as always in our allies first.

Several of them, including Canada, have banned journalists who don’t agree with their view of the war. Again, if we’re going to protect democracy, that should start at home and democracy is defined, literally defined, by the tolerance of the regime for dissent. But no dissent is allowed…..

……You can only feel deep sadness that the people you just saw represent you in our Legislature, but by the way, as long as we’re punishing people who are allied with hostile foreign interests, just to restate the obvious, China is now Russia’s strongest ally in this war and that has real implications for people like, I don’t know Nancy Pelosi, whose family has gotten rich from China or the entire American financial sector, or Hollywood, or all the people who are now profiting from Vladimir Putin’s closest ally.  Will they divest of those investments?



This is not the first time Russia invaded Ukraine.  Putin plowed through Ukraine during Obama’s regime as well.


Back in 2014, when Jen Psaki was a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton’s State Department, she was asked about plans for a secret U.S. coup d’état in Ukraine that had been leaked to the press.

A year later, the Obama Administration helped set up the new, anti-Russia government.

In 2015, a top Ukrainian political analyst wrote a letter to George Soros thanking him for spending hundreds of millions of dollars rebuilding Ukraine and then planting special operatives and political activists throughout the country.


Biden killed the Keystone pipeline but helped the Russians with Nordstrom II. He’s essentially financing the Russian war effort in Ukraine.  And after all that money his family made from Burisma.

Biden cares more about the borders of the corrupt country that paid his family billions for shady deals, than he does our own borders.
The Biden regime is using the war in Ukraine to deflect from the disaster he’s created in this country. Gas is up to 7 bucks in some areas, mothers can’t get baby formula, our country is being invaded by thousands of illegal alien foreign nationals, grocery prices are sky high, the military is being eviscerated with ‘woke’ bullshit, and the economy is in turmoil. That $40 billion they want to fork over to Zelensky could have been used to secure our border and feed American people.
Everyone has their panties in a wad over Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. Compare the two countries and there isn’t much difference.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has arrested Kiev’s top politicians and cracked down on domestic news outlets. The country has a lengthy history of corruption.
As for Russia, Vladimir Putin uses the old Soviet standby to get rid of dissent. He assassinates political opponents. Opposition activist Artem Basyrov, was sent to a psychiatric hospital by authorities a day before a planned demonstration. Putin also tightened his grip on the media by replacing the main news agency with one that will propagate his message without objections.
Vladimir Putin engineered his return to power through corruption, intimidation, murder, and setting up Dmitry Medvedev as a temporary sockpuppet. His domestic spying program is a carbon copy of the old KGB. Everything he does is a throwback to the old Soviet regime.
Biden’s foreign policy disasters and his decaying mental state have our allies shaking their heads and our enemies laughing their asses off.
Russia will do what it wants with Ukraine. It’s not in America’s interest to give a shit.


And then there’s this little gem from 2014:


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