Seattle Mayor Finally Shut Down Antifa/BLM ‘Autonomous Zone’ After Thugs Pay a Visit to Her Home

From Brodigan at Louder With Crowder

It finally happened. Seattle Mayor Jenny Derpkan has ordered police to clear out CHAZ/CHOP. All it took was for the protesters to show up at her house and inconvenience her life for action to be taken. Not so much the lives and inconvenience of the plebeians Mayor Derpkan lords over. Or, like, the multiple homicides. But I guess better late than never. The summer of love is no more.

I know some of my colleagues will want to focus on the violence and the body count and the communism. But I’m choosing to focus on the fun times we had. Like the idiots there not knowing how plants work. Or the comparisons to South Park. Or this guy, who just wilded out one day The CHAZ/CHOP and the CHOP/CHAZ, while I’m sure unintentionally, brought so much laughter and entertainment to so many people. If nothing else, the people of the CHAZ or the CHOP can take pride in that.

More from Tucker Carlson:


The rampaging Antifa/BLM radicals racked up robberies, rapes, and murder in their little anarchist dystopia.

And they had a warlord who passed out AR-15s for the occasion.

What could go wrong?



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