Senate Rules Committee Locks Tea Party Out of Debt Hearing, Tea Party Debt Commission Submits its Own Top 10 Government Cuts

How dare We the People demand access to and representation in our own government.

FreedomWorks had planned on unveiling its Tea Party Debt Commission recommendations at 2 pm in the Russell Senate Office Building, with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) sponsoring the event and several other Congressmen slated to attend. Instead, after prior approval, and with essentially no notice given, the Senate Rules Committee, chaired by Chuck Schumer (D-NY), blocked access to the hearing room.

They were forced to move the event to the Hillsdale College Kirby Center, where a livestream of the event was being hosted

The same hubris was on display throughout the ObamaCare turmoil, when the Dem majority in Congress locked the Republicans and the American people out of the process and concocted that socialist train wreck behind closed doors.
Where the ‘Super Committee’ failed to produce a plan to cut the debt, the Tea Party came up with some suggestions.

While a super committee in Congress is racing to come up with a program to cut at least $1.2 trillion from the national debt, a rival tea party panel is coming up with a plan of its own.

The “Tea Party Debt Commission,” a project of tea party-aligned FreedomWorks, is meeting to discuss ways to balance the federal budget in 10 years — by cutting $9 trillion in government spending — without instituting tax hikes.

Like the super committee, the Tea Party Debt Commission is made up of 12 people, though its members are all activists, not members of Congress. They plan to release their own report the week before the congressional panel’s program is due in November.

In preparation for their final report, the Commission did a crowdsource survey to learn the top 10 favored budget-cutting ideas from activists across the country. Organizers from the project released the survey results Wednesday:

1.    Repeal Obamacare
2.    Reduce duplicative purchases of Pentagon supplies
3.    Eliminate the Department of Education
4.    Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
5.    Reduce discretionary spending to 2008 level
6.    Block grant Medicaid
7.    End ethanol tax credits
8.    Sell needless federal buildings
9.    Eliminate the Department of Housing and Urban Development
10.  Reduce Medicare teaching subsidies

Dean Clancy, an official at FreedomWorks, told reporters at the organization’s office on Wednesday that the Tea Party Commission plan is meant to show that major cuts can be made without having to raise taxes.

Good start but it needs to go further. The government always wastes most of what it spends.

This disaster could have been on its way to being solved, but the Dems pulled their usual shit and tabled the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill passed by the GOP in the House.   Billions of dollars in wasteful spending could be achieved by cutting stupid shit like THIS, and THIS, and THIS, and THIS.  

It’s not the mandatory spending for infrastructure or the military that’s killing this country economically; it’s the bat-shit crazy discretionary waste and the looming collapse of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.   People are living longer and the ratio of working taxpayers to retired people on Social Security, gets larger by the year.  Think it’s bad now? Just wait  those programs finally go under.

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