The Latest Round of ‘New Civility’ From the ‘Occupy’ Crazies

These out of control wack jobs are the reason why THE ONE ran for office in the first place.

More death threats:

A South Carolina man, Nathan Shafer, is accused of threatening the life of Gov. Nikki Haley on Facebook, but he claims he was only making a point about free speech.

“I hope someone murders you before I do. How’s that for freedom of speech?”—Occupy-Protester-Threatens-SC-Govs-Life


‘Occupy’ Portland protester threatens arson:

‘Occupy’ Oakland blocked the entrance to an Apple store, without realizing the irony; those idiots probably videoed the stunt with Apple products.

‘Occupy’ D.C. protester uses the street as a toilet.

‘Occupy’ Chicago: “The government should seize all housing and make it government housing”.

When this “movement” finally collapses under the weight of its own craptastic stupidity, at least we’ll have their crime wave (the violence, rapes, felonies, threats, hatespeech, vandalism, and assaults), the complicity of the Dems, B. Hussein, and the MSM, and their ideological base on record, for posterity.

And remember, they’re like the Tea Party. Right.

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