Senator Linda Lopez (D-AZ) Uses Giffords Shooting as Opportunity to Trash Tea Party

Shepard Smith, the resident liberal snob on Fox News, had democrat Senator Linda Lopez on the line for a few minutes, and injected the requisite threat from the big, bad, Tea Party mob into the conversation.

Smith just couldn’t help himself. He started off the questions with this: (at about 3:33 into the video)

Smith: Senator, looking back over her career over the last couple of years, it would appear that she’s been targeted by people for some level of violence, more than once. Is this something that was of concern to you and her? Had it been discussed?

Lopez: “Yeah…definitely of concern…….there’s been so much vitriol slung at her by the Tea Party people….her opponent in the election was a Tea Party candidate, and the signs that were up around town accusing her of horrible things…when people make these kinds of comments, it pushes some folks over the edge.”

Linda forgot to mention that Rep. Giffords is a Blue Dog Democrat; a fiscal moderate, a strong advocate of border security, enforcement of immigration law, and gun ownership rights.

And contrary to what Lopez heard about Jared Lee Loughner being an “Afghan vet”, it’s patently false. He talked about going to the recruting center, but there is absoultely no proof or confirmation that he ever successfully enlisted.

He is a paranoid delusional moonbat….which could qualify him as a Lefty.

I sent this email to Senator Lopez:


Senator Lopez,
I just caught your asinine comments regarding the “vitriol from Tea partiers” toward Rep. Giffords, during your Fox News interview with Shepard Smith. The horrific shooting of Rep. Giffords will now be used as fodder for the Dems’ venomous attacks on American patriots, who want elected politicians to be held accountable for their actions and to respect and honor the U.S. Constitution.

You want vitriol, Senator? Take a good look at the behavior of your own bat-shit crazy Democratic party.

Patriotic dissent against government encroachment in the Age of THE ONE, doesn’t go over very well with his Dem cohorts, his SEIU thungs, or his MSM toadies.

Speaking of vitriol, you may want to contact some of your Dem comrades and take them to task for their hate speech:

And the violence from your union friends:
A black Tea Party member, Kenneth Gladney, was viciously attacked by SEIU thugs at a townhall meeting.

Tea Party protesters attacked in Tampa, St. Louis, and Piedmont, North Carolina by leftist thugs.

Leftwing douchebaggers attack two GOP aides in Louisiana.

Vitriol from your media pals:

Joy Behar, Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow are also fine examples of leftwing vitriol.

Compare and contrast Tea Party protests with the vitriolic ones conducted by leftwingnuts:

Andy Stern, a good buddy of Obama, calls us “terrorists”.

A summary of the Dem assault on American free speech:

Those are just a FEW of the articles and news reports of the violence, vitriol, and hatespeech flung at patriotic Americans.
The Tea Party movement is dismissed, disrespected, and denigrated by leftwingnut politicians, pundits, and main stream media hacks. The Party is composed of a cross-section of America—average people—who are fed up with the hubris of elected officials who ignore our concerns and our rights.

That’s what scares the living hell out of socialist effetes; that ordinary Americans stand up to them and the “messiah” in the White House, and demand that they actually respect us and the Constitution.

This time it’s different. The Silent Majority has suddenly become vocal. The sheeple aren’t behaving according to the proscribed business-as- usual etiquette. That’s why you got shellacked in the mid-term elections.

Any public servant, and yes, that’s what elected representatives are, would do well to remember this quote from one of our nation’s founders:

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
—Thomas Jefferson

When the nutjob who shot Rep. Giffords and her aides turns out to be someone other than a Tea Party member, I expect you to issue a full apology. Considering the despicable behavior of your own democrats, you owe us one anyway.

If she has the guts to respond, I’ll post it on here.

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Some slight of hand by Markos the Daily Kos scumbag:

Some interesting comments by his freinds/associates on Twitter:

@lakarune I haven’t seen him since ’07. Then, he was left wing.
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to lakarune
.@noboa more left. I haven’t seen him since ’07 though. He became very reclusive.
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to noboa
.@antderosa he had a lot of friends until he got alcohol poisoning in ’06, & dropped out of school. Mainly loner very philosophical.
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to antderosa
.@antderosa As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal. & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to antderosa
.@antderosa he was a pot head & into rock like Hendrix,The Doors, Anti-Flag. I haven’t seen him in person since ’07 in a sign language class
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to antderosa
.@antderosa He was a political radical & met Giffords once before in ’07, asked her a question & he told me she was “stupid & unintelligent”
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to antderosa

Well, by most accounts, Lougher has no affinity for the rightwing.

9 thoughts on “Senator Linda Lopez (D-AZ) Uses Giffords Shooting as Opportunity to Trash Tea Party”

  1. I love it when the left wing uneducated idiots get hammered by a true patriot with a decisive blow. SPC MAC you are a very intelligent and experienced warrior for the cause of restoring America to what it once was.

  2. Go get some education. Use your GI money you need it. First area of study I would suggest is Finance. Your military experience shows your true lack of understanding. Look into supply side eco. Karl Marxs’ fav. Only used by the Bushes and Reagan (alittle bit of Nixon also)

    1. Tom,

      Just brilliant. Go for the ad hominum, “you’re just not educated”.

      I’m going to school you on some facts.

      Newsflash sweetpea: I have education: an Associates of Applied Science (with a heavy dose of business courses in the curriculum) and many, many military schools and courses involving leadership, tactics, management, technology, security, and intel.
      For all the book learnin’ you got, you have no observation skills or common sense. I suggest you take a good look at Obama’s approach to the economy. Throughout his campaign, he spouted all the requisite Marxist rhetoric. “Spread the wealth”, “fundamentally change America”, “evil corporations”, etc.
      He sucked the lifeblood out of this country with his Marxist “fundamental transformation”. Only in the book of Obamanomics could 15% unemployment (that number includes those who simply stopped looking for work), a $14 trillion debt, an $814 billion “stimulus”, $787 billion dollars in taxpayer funded bailouts, and hostile government takeovers of banks, auto industry, insurance corporations, and health care, be defined as “stabilizing”.
      He’s either the biggest moron on the planet or he figures putting a smiley face on his “man-caused disaster” will keep that thrill going up Chrissy Matthew’s leg.

      Your asinine comparison of supply side economics to Marxism proves that you do not know what you’re talking about. Supply side economics emphasizes the importance of tax cuts and business incentives in encouraging economic growth with the goal of increased productivity, employment, and better living conditions. It stresses the importance of encouraging supply to meet demand.
      Marxism is diametrically opposed to everything our Democratic Republic stands for. It’s 180 degrees from capitalism, free market, and supply side economics.

      Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Vladimir Lenin pushed for elimination of private property in order to gain control of the economic “means of production” by taking it from the bourgeois (the wealthy or propertied class) for the benefit of the proletariat (working class). His objective was centralized government, the elimination of free markets, collectivization and redistribution of the property. (Communism) In other words, “spread the wealth”. SOUND FAMILIAR?

      Your delusional descent into ridiculous “educational” theories puts you on par with Loughner.
      Class dismissed.

      SFC MAC

    1. Tom,
      Nah, I think I’ll stick around. Standing up to and exposing assclowns like you is so much fun.
      Speaking of leaving, a shitload of leftwingnuts like Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Eddie Vedder, Robert Altman, Kim Basinger, Pierre Salinger, etc. swore they’d leave the country if Bush got elected. They chickened out.

      But, anytime you leftwing wackjobs want to hop the first plane smokin’ out of the country, please do so.

      Pick a country that suits your socialist/communist utopian vision, and go for it. That would leave so much more room for the rest of us to get this country back on track.

      I’ll even kick in a few bucks for a one-way ticket.

      And take Obama with you.

      SFC MAC

  3. Now, let me guess, you think S Palin has the correct path to lead this country into the 21st century. I spent 4 months with bullets flying over my head and watching a good pal blown to pieces. I know the value of life, more than you will ever know. The Dems have nothing and I mean nothing with this, watch the media takeover. It’s time for every American to look at him and herself (regardless of political affiliation) and start doing the right thing. If not, not too worry China is in the rearview. And I for one don’t want to deal with those assholes again.

    1. Tom,
      Now let me guess. You think Obamessiah’s “hope and change” Marxism is good for America and big government knows what’s best for the masses. You have the same stupid anal fixation for Sarah Palin as the rest of the DemLeft assclowns. Instead of taking responsibility for their own fuck-ups and irresponsible behavior, they blame it on a former Alaska governnor who has more integrity than their capacity to fathom. Sarah Palin is a smart, strong, independent, take-no-bullshit kind of gal. She’s a tough, no-nonsense reformer as well as intelligent, articulate, and principled. All character traits which the Dems lack. She, like the rest of us who support Tea Party values, want our elected officials to support and honor the U.S. Constitution.

      For the last two years, the Dems shut the American people out of the legislative process; concocting socialist laws behind closed doors, and ramming them through Congress against our will. When we spoke out against their tyranny, they responded with epithets and reprehensible labels of “un-American”, “evil mongers”, “racists”, and unbelievably, “terrorists”.

      The heretofore Dem majority in Congress was one of the most despicable on record.
      READ the links at this post:

      “Media takeover”??? You’ve GOT to be kidding. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, and CNN are left-leaning broadcast networks. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, and Time Magazine, fill most of their pages with nihilist bullshit. Fox News, talk radio, and conservative internet sites and blogs are the alternative to the leftwing party line, and it makes them real uncomfortable. Tough shit.

      As for human life:
      “More than you will ever know”???
      Listen sweetpea, I spent two tours in Iraq with bullets flying and fellow Soldiers getting killed for a war that could have been over in a week if we had done it right. Had I the power, 3/4ths of the Islamofascist nation-states would have been leveled on 12 September, 2001. That’s how you fight a jihad. I retired as a SFC with 30 years combined service (active and reserve). Anytime you want to compare DD214s, go for it.

      Too bad muslim terrorists don’t share your touchy-feely sensitivity for human life. They blow up people and things for their allah and use kids as human shields. Islamofascists understand us better than we understand them. Your naiveté is indicative of our typical American ‘play by the rules’ mindset. War is and always has been a brutal thing, on all sides.

      Your indignation should be vented toward terrorists and other enemy combatants who don’t have ROE. They couldn’t care less about our ‘American values’. As a matter of fact, that’s part of the problem. They know we are restricted (at times) by a ridiculous set of Marquis of Queensberry rules while they enjoy a no-holds barred approach. Don’t think that just because we achieved victory in Iraq, and hopefully after Obama is out of office, Afghanistan, that the Islamic terrorists are done. Given the fact that they are bred, trained, indoctrinated, and funded throughout the Middle East, this war ain’t over by a long shot. We will no doubt sink back into comfortable complacency, while they continue to plot and carry out atrocities and more attacks against Western civilization, America in particular.

      Obama kowtows to every despot on the planet, especially the muslims with whom he shares an affinity.

      He’s not only destroyed our economy, but he’s made America safer for terrorists.
      By the way, Janet Napolitano, his illustrious DHS chief, thinks Iraq/Afghan vets are more dangerous than Al Qaeda. She’s added us to her “domestic threat assessment”.

      Keep your “change”.

      SFC MAC

  4. Whew!!! You’ve got serious problems dude. You people don’t know the value of human life. If this is the answer you idiots are looking for why not find another planet. We would be better off without you. Please leave.

    1. Tom,
      Let me get this straight. A leftwingnut wackjob mows down 19 people and I don’t know the value of human life?
      To top it off, the DemLeft exploits the shooting of a democratic Senator as a political soapbox against the Tea Party. Those are HER words, not mine, bud.

      Your village on Planet Clueless is missing an idiot.
      Go home.
      You’ve got some serious issues.

      FYI: I’m a dudette, dude.

      SFC MAC

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