Sherrod’s Racism is All in the Family

Hat Tip to Dan Riehl at Riehl World View, who posted statements from Shirley Sherrod’s husband Charles. His speech sounds just like hers.

Link to Dan’s post:

Charles Sherrod: “We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections.”

Charles Sherrod: “The tears that we’ve shed, so many times…. When the TV and the newspaper comes out the day of an election, or the day before an election. And tell white folk, all over, wherever we are running somebody for an office … that blacks are going to TAKE that office over. And thousands are coming to the polls. And you gotta get it.”


“White folks”…like middle class white people who work hard for themselves and their families, only to be insulted by assclowns like Charles.  Evidently, they’re supposed to supplement their successful accomplishments with a heaping helping of guilt.

“Uncle Toms”….like Thomas Sowell, Kenneth Gladney, Ken Blackwell, Bob Parks, Col. Allen West, Herman Cain, those “Uncle Toms”?   

Charles and Shirley are two of the biggest racists on the planet. Both are mealy-mouthed neo-Black Panthers who demonstrate that racism ain’t a one -way street. I’m sensing a Jeremiah Wright “Black Liberation” theology somewhere in the mix.

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