Dave Weigel Gets ‘Ratfucked’ by His Own Words

Hey Dave, ‘ratfucked’ called. It wants its reputation back.

Weigel, who was hired by the Washington Post then fired after the Journolist emails were released, has a lot to say about the conservative movement he was supposed to cover.

In March, Weigel wrote that the problem with the mainstream media is “this need to give equal/extra time to ‘real American’ views, no matter how fucking moronic, which just so happen to be the views of the conglomerates that run the media and/or buy up ads.”

“Equal/extra time” for real American views in the MSM?? Shit, if only that were the case. NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC, rarely give consideration for anything outside their leftwing narrative.
Any pretense about “objectivity”, was shattered years ago when the MSM turned left and never looked back.

That’s why there’s been a proliferation of conservative talk shows, blogs, and websites. Americans got fed up with the leftwing pablum being dished out every night on the evening news and each day in the New York Times.

In a thread with the subject line, “ACORN Ratfucker arrested,” Journolisters discussed how James O’Keefe, whose undercover reporting showed officials from activist group ACORN willing to help a fake prostitution ring skirt the law, had been arrested in another, failed operation at Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) office.


“Deep breath.”


“He’s either going to get a radio talk show or start a prison ministry. That’s was successful conservative ratfuckers do for their second acts,” Weigel wrote…

I’d love to see the email rant he produced when the trumped-up charges against O’Keefe were dropped.

The standard “I hate Republicans…blah…blah…blah….”:

Republicans? “Ratfucking [Obama] on every bill.” Palin? Tried to “ratfuck” a moderate Republican in a contentious primary in New York. Limbaugh? Used “ratfucking tactics” in urging Republican activists to vote for Hillary Clinton in open primaries after Obama had all but beat her for the Democratic nomination.

What does Dave say for himself?

Reached by phone late Thursday and asked about the e-mails, Weigel responded, “my reporting, I think, stands for itself.”

“I’ve always been of the belief that you could have opinions and could report anyway …. people aren’t usually asked to stand or fall on everything they’ve said in private.”

Oh yeah, your “reporting” certainly stands for itself. If you’re going to vent your spleen at least be courageous enough to do it publicly; being a “reporter” and all.

More at the Daily Caller:

None of this is surprising, and quite frankly, I expect nothing less. It’s just that ratfucks like Weigel can’t seem to be as up front and out in the open with their hostility, as they are in private.

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