Site Monitors ‘Anti-Obama Activities’

Hat Tip to LauraW. at Ace of Spades.

The site in question is the brain(?)child of one Brook David. His “mission” in life is to monitor the internet and gawd knows what else to quote:

……report all anti-obama activities taking place on the world wide web.
This is a place where one can post and report on all activities, web sites and or blogs that would be considered erroneous, slanderous or detrimental to the newly elected President of the United States.

Of course, the mutherfucker was nowhere around during George W. Bush’s administration. He would have had a field day with all of the anti-POTUS sites.

Nothing like a pro-Obama snitch site to add more leftwing moonbattery to the blogosphere.

I don’t yet know if the site is for real, a joke, or a ploy to send spam. But, I signed up and if it’s legit, I’ll be proud to tell the little bot to add me to his ‘anti-Obama’ list.

This reminds me of the crap pulled by THE ONE’s campaign site during the election. They tried to intimidate and threaten critics of Obama’s radical socialist roots, friends, and associations, with lawsuits and smear tactics, and arrests:

Are you now, or have you ever been, anti-Obama?

Fuck yeah.

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