Somali Muslim Terrorist Captured, Brought to U.S. for Civilian Trial

Obama hasn’t given up the stupid idea of trying muslim terrorists in civilian court, or the harassment of CIA interrogators who saved American lives and got the information needed to kill Bin Laden.

The U.S. military captured a Somali terrorism suspect in the Gulf of Aden in April and interrogated him for more than two months aboard a U.S. Navy ship before flying him this week to New York, where he has been indicted on federal charges.

The case represents the Obama administration’s attempt to find a middle ground between open-ended detentions in secret prisons, as practiced by the George W. Bush administration, and its commitment to try as many terrorism cases as possible in civilian courts.

With the capture of Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, the administration appeared to split the difference, with military and intelligence officials interrogating him secretly for two months before bringing in law enforcement officials to question him for purposes of an indictment. He is the first foreign terrorism suspect captured by the administration outside the United States and moved to this country for trial.

In flying Warsame to New York before announcing his capture, the administration circumvented likely congressional objections to his transfer here. Congress has barred the administration from moving detainees held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the United States for trial.

……The official said Warsame “at all times was treated in a manner consistent with all Department of Defense policies” — following the Army Field Manual — and the Geneva Conventions.

Warsame was not provided access to an attorney during the initial two months of questioning, officials said. But “thereafter, there was a substantial break from any questioning of the defendant of four days,” court documents said. “After this break, the defendant was advised of his Miranda rights” — including his right to legal representation —“and, after waiving those rights, spoke to law enforcement agents.”

……The four-day break and separate questioning were designed to avoid tainting the court case with information gleaned through un-Mirandized intelligence interrogation, an overlap that has posed a problem in previous cases. The questioning continued for seven days, “and the defendant waived his Miranda rights at the start of each day,” the documents said.

Gotta love the patty-cake approach. It doesn’t always work.  In cases like Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, the Bush doctrine of enhanced interrogations works pretty damned good. Every captured muslim terrorist is an enemy combatant that belongs in front of a military tribunal, not in front of 12 clueless civilian jurors. A ‘test case’ for eventually trying KSM in a New York federal court, failed miserably.  

In spite of proof to the contrary, the illustrious assclown in charge of the DOJ thinks that lawyers are the most effective terror-fighting weapon. Last I checked it wasn’t a bunch of Harvard law school pussies who kicked ass in Iraq and Afghanistan, or successfully tracked down and killed Bin Laden.

Right now, we’re saddled with a Dhimmi, not a real Commander-in Chief, and an idiot for a DOJ head who wants to treat terrorism like a law enforcement problem, instead of what it is, an act of war.

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