SSG Maupin Laid to Rest

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SSG Keith Matthew “Matt” Maupin, a Soldier with the 724th Transportation Company was memorialized and laid to rest 28 April, 2008.  The service was held at the Great American Ball Park, with thousands in attendance.

On 9 April, 2004, SSG Maupin of Union Township vanished after his convoy was ambushed in Baghdad. He was missing for four years.


For the 3,502 who came through the turnstiles to pay their respects, for the 3,000 members of the Patriot Guard who remained outside, and for the small group of family and friends who buried him with military honors in a private ceremony later in the afternoon, the final chapter of the Clermont County soldier’s saga was about both healing and thanksgiving. It was for healing the hurt of a family that had endured a four-year nightmare, and for thanksgiving that such young men and women are willing to sacrifice all for their country.

They came to witness the final chapter of a story that gripped the hearts of thousands here and elsewhere around the country for nearly four years – the story of a 20-year-old Army Reservist, assigned to guard a convoy near the Baghdad airport in April 2004 when a brutal attack by Iraqi insurgents left two of his fellow soldiers dead and him a captive.

Next to nothing was known of his fate until his body was found last month by U.S. soldiers northwest of Baghdad.



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At least two of the Islamic terrorist scumbags responsible for his death have been caught:

Two men responsible for the death of Sergeant Matt Maupin are sentenced to the death penalty. The Army reservist’s father says the two men were convicted of crimes against the Iraqi nation. The Maupins spent about an hour with Pentagon officials Thursday afternoon. Authorities continue to look for other people they believe are also responsible for Matt’s death. Maupin served with the 724-th transportation company based in Bartonville, and his family lives in Ohio.


Rest easy, SSG Maupin.


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