State Department Confused Over China’s New Aircraft Carrier

The State Department is unbelievably stupid.

China just launched its first aircraft carrier, which caused the State Department to scratch its head in bewilderment.

As China’s first aircraft carrier takes to the open seas today for its inaugural sea trials, the U.S. government directed a pointed question at the Chinese military: Why would you need a warship like that?

“We would welcome any kind of explanation that China would like to give for needing this kind of equipment,” U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters today. “We have had concerns for some time and we’ve been quite open with them with regard to the lack of transparency from China regarding its power projection and its lack of access and denial of capabilities.”

Hey Hillary, pull up a seat. Class is about to begin.

The call for China to abandon modesty about its global goals and “sprint to become world number one” comes from a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Senior Colonel, Liu Mingfu, who warns that his nation’s ascent will alarm Washington, risking war despite Beijing’s hopes for a “peaceful rise.”

“China’s big goal in the 21st century is to become world number one, the top power,” Liu writes in his newly published Chinese-language book, “The China Dream.”

“As long as China seeks to rise to become world number one … then even if China is even more capitalist than the U.S., the U.S. will still be determined to contain it,” writes Liu.

…. “To save itself, to save the world, China must prepare to become the (world’s) helmsman.”

At the Zhuhai Airshow in 2010, China presented a cute little display featuring Chinese forces attacking what appears to be a U.S. aircraft carrier steaming towards an island off China’s coast.  Guess which island that is.

In May of 2009, Beijing forked out $70.24 billion towards its military buildup.  Earlier that year, Chinese boats harassed a U.S. vessel in the South China sea.

Taiwan, the island depicted in the cute little display, has a better response to Chinese showmanship.

China is not a friend of the United States or any other Western country.  It’s a brutal communist totalitarian country ruled by a centralized regime.  People tend to forget that. It’s goal is to overtake America economically and militarily and leave it in the dust.  Once in awhile it tests our resolve and world influence by rattling sabers and taking advantage of a laughable milksop like Obama.

The next President (it won’t be Obama) needs to divest our country from the habit of propping up communist China with capitalist dollars.

China is an enemy and should be treated as such instead of having the privilege of being a business associate.  Doing business with a communist country will not transform it into a capitalist/democratic/freedom-nurturing society.

There will come a day when the little spats we have with the Chinese will explode into a full-fledged military confrontation.  You can bet on it. I hope by then, we have a President with the balls to respond with force, not ‘negotiation without preconditions’.

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1 thought on “State Department Confused Over China’s New Aircraft Carrier”

  1. welll I’m no rocket sturgeon…but if ya got a air plane carrier an’ sum air planes…ya could fly them off an’ do sum dame bramage to your N-O-ME’s…at least one time…

    as an ol’ navy ropechokin’ anchorclanker…I want to kno’ ’bout their unrep* skills…an’ I’ll bet that sum of those submarine types alreddy have a firin’ solution cranked in…

    don’t think they’re up to doin’ good…I wonder do they have a banner made fo’ usamabamasoetoro, our kenyan village idjit, maddog killer of benny laden, commander in chicken, that says MISSION ACCOMPLISHED**…

    * unrep = underway replenishment…gettin’ gas, food, repair widgits, porkfried ice cream and all the utha stuff a ship needs to keep goin’…

    ** MISSION ACCOMPLISHED…ruinin’ U.S. economoney…heeeey wait…if we pay ’em in USeless dollars, does that count toward the debt we owe them???

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