Students Chant ‘I am an Obama Scholar’


The indoctrination continues.

Hat Tip to NewsBusters.

A speaker leads students in a creepy chant of “I am an Obama Scholar!” at Lincoln Bassett Middle School in New Haven, Connecticut. The chant is part of an educational program called the “Obama Initiative.”

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Yeah, these little homies are going to be real productive members of society. Welcome to the New World Order. Simply injecting THE ONE’s name into a ridiculous “I AM SOMEBODY” chant, takes the place of learning and achievement through hard work and dedication. Obama’s no scholar. His education and “teaching position” at Harvard are very questionable at best.

Too bad their “education” doesn’t include studying the Constitution; from the Preamble down to every last amendment.  If they had a real teacher instead of a Malcolm X wannabe, he’d be able to list exactly which articles Dear Leader and his Dem myrmidons have violated since January 2009.  A real teacher would also have the ability to describe the consequences of a socialist state; which is what Obama is trying to create in his effort to destroy our Democratic Republic.  But he’s too busy teaching them cute little revolutionary ditties. Obama is not a black Christ, nor is he a Martin Luther King.  This is what happens when people base their votes on pigment instead of substance, engage in the ‘culture war’ manufactured by the DemLeft, and think a nihilistic empty suit like Obama is a “positive role model”.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the quintessential dumbing down of America.

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