*Surprise*: ‘Clockmed’ Will Attend School in Qatar Known for Extremism

Now that the clock-constructing muzzie kid and his family are leaving the U.S. for Qatar, he’ll be getting real how-to training in explosive devices.

From Jammie Wearing Fool.

Now that the annoying Clock Boy’s 15 minutes are up and he and his very suspicious family have claimed they’re moving to Qatar, it’s worth having a look at where he’s allegedly matriculating. Thanks to David Reaboi for tipping us off this this Daily Beast article from this past summer:

clockmeds school

“That is clearly on display with the Qatar Foundation, an immensely wealthy charity Sheikha Mozah founded and oversees. Sheikha Mozah is the second wife of Qatar’s former emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who stepped aside last year, handing off power to his son, Sheikh Tamim. She is lauded as a reforming force in the conservative-minded emirate and her supporters cite her dedication to the education of girls. Some more hidebound members of the 2,000-strong Qatari royal family are known to resent Sheikha Mozah’s clout—as much as they do the risqué flash of her trademark red high-heeled shoes.

But the pull backwards also is obvious—even with Sheikha Mozah. Her foundation is set to host a series of religious prayers and lectures as part of a month-long annual Ramadan program to be held at the charity’s new lavish mosque in Doha’s Education City. The flier for the Ramadan events promises well-respected religious scholars but among the invited there figures a preacher who has described the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris as “the sequel to the comedy film of 9/11” and another cleric who says, “Jews and their helpers must be destroyed.”

More on the Qatar Foundation and the education ‘Clockmed’ will receive, HERE.

Once you sift through all the bullshit surrounding this kid’s behavior, his family, and where they’re going, it’s not hard to figure out that it was all a strategy in the first place.

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