Syria Loads Chemical Weapons into Bombs

Gee, I wonder how they could have gotten some of that WMD material.

From Fox News.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Russia’s top diplomat Thursday to discuss the crisis in Syria, a day after sources confirmed to Fox News Syria’s military has mixed chemical weapons and loaded them into bombs in preparation for possible use on President Assad’s own people.

……A senior U.S. official told Fox News Wednesday that Syrian forces had loaded bombs with components of sarin gas, a deadly nerve gas. They have 60 days to use these bombs until the chemical mixture expires and has to be destroyed.

Obama and the Hildabeast will handle this about as well as they did Benghazi.

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2 thoughts on “Syria Loads Chemical Weapons into Bombs”

  1. now if they use those lil’ sarin bombs on the protesters…is that a BAD thing???…

    would mohammy be pleased???…would they get their 72 virginians???…

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