Loyola University Gives Illegal Alien a Free Kidney Transplant

More free handouts for foreigners who simply sneak into the U.S.

From the Chicago Tribune.

As an illegal immigrant, Jorge Mariscal waited eight years for a kidney transplant he feared would never come.

His persistence paid off Thursday when he underwent the procedure at Loyola University Medical Center.

After years of uncertainties, Mariscal said he’s excited about his future and grateful for the help he received. But he remains frustrated with a health care system that he worries might leave out an untold number of illegal immigrants in need of lifesaving treatments.

“Why can’t we be treated the same?” he asked while sitting in his hospital room. “Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. At least give us the chance to fight for our lives with dignity.”

Well in this country, healthcare is a privilege paid for by taxpayers, ya fucking little leech.

To get a head start on his future medical bills, Mariscal started raising money three years ago. Together with Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Little Village, he has raised thousands of dollars through benefit concerts and other events.

The Rev. Jose Landaverde, pastor of the mission, said he felt compelled by the Gospel to help Mariscal after hearing his story……in addition to Mariscal’s treatment at Loyola, the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center agreed to evaluate Lorenzo Arroyo, another illegal immigrant, for a possible liver transplant. Rush University Medical Center also placed Arroyo’s brother, Elfego, on a transplant waiting list. Both brothers suffer from primary amyloidosis, a genetic liver disease.

Isn’t that nice? The whole illegal alien family is getting special treatment in spite of the fact that they aren’t American citizens.

Thousands of Americans are waiting desperately for organ transplants, but Loyola thinks it’s okay to aid and abet an illegal alien and his family who committed a felony by entering the United States without authorization.

It’s bad enough we have our own population of derelicts who won’t work, don’t want to work, and will never work because getting welfare from the socialist Nanny State with no strings attached, is so much easier.

Now we have to deal with thousands of illegals getting the same benefits.

I would love to see the U.S. adopt Mexico’s immigration laws. They’re a hell of a lot tougher than ours.

Here’s the url for the contact page on Loyola’s website:


Drop them a line and let them know that the next time they feel generous, they should help an American citizen first.


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