Tampa Mayor Honors Terrorists

What’s up with this idiot?

In April of 2007, Pam Iorio was sworn into office for her second term as Mayor of Tampa Bay, Florida, given the confidence of Tampa’s citizens that she will help protect them from harm. Yet every year for at least the last four years of the six-plus years she has served, Mayor Iorio has honored CAIR, a radical Muslim organization, with a Proclamation naming a day for the group. Is the Mayor just trying to placate a fringe constituency or has she submitted to terror?

Tampa has had an Islamic terrorism problem for more than two decades. Elements of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have infected the population, rendering it vulnerable to those who wish to do harm to the city.

From August of 1986 till February of 2003, when he was taken into custody by law enforcement, Sami Al-Arian, a university professor, built an entire PIJ infrastructure within the Tampa area. He did so in the guise of a charity, a think tank, a children’s school and a mosque — the latter two still in existence.

Youssef Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed, Tampa-area university students, were arrested in South Carolina, in August of 2007, and indicted for possession of explosive materials which were found in the trunk of their car. Mohamed later pled guilty to a separate charge of trying to assist terrorists by creating a video demonstrating how to use a remote-controlled toy to detonate a bomb.

From June of 2004 till July of 2006, the Tampa office of the Muslim American Society (MAS-Tampa) posted onto its website violent material, including one text calling on Muslims to “wage jihad until death.” Other subjects found on the site dealt with the beheading of Jews and the burning of homosexuals.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group created by Hamas operatives, set up shop in Tampa, in 2003, led by the unofficial spokesman for Al-Arian, Ahmed Bedier. Bedier is notorious for a remark he made about PIJ, on a Tampa TV talk show, in December of 2005. Appearing as a CAIR representative, when asked if he believed it was immoral to be associated with PIJ, he said that, prior to 1995, there was “nothing immoral” about it.

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Tampa has become an enclave for Islamic terrorism, yet this elected official welcomes them with open arms.

Hello? FBI?

Two of the 9/11 muslim terrorists received pilot training in her state; Marwan al-Shehhi who went on to pilot United Airlines Flight 175 and Ziad Jarrah who piloted United Airlines Flight 93.

CAIR is an established front for Hamas. It raises money for the terrorist cell and serves as its propaganda wing. Some of CAIR’s members have been indicted and convicted, while others have been declared ‘unindicted co-conspriators’.

Iorio attended CAIR fundraising events, praising them for their good work.

Their good work??

Why in the hell is CAIR permitted in this country to begin with? Hasn’t Washington learned enough from 9/11 and why and how it happened?

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