If Palin’s Name Were Kennedy

Andrea Tantaros over at the Fox News forum points out another Democrat double standard.

This time it’s the nomination of Caroline Kennedy to the NY Senate.

What has she done in her career? Does she have the experience to govern? Isn’t she just a name and a pretty face in expensive clothes? All questions asked by Democrats (I’m being nice) regarding Sarah Palin as McCain’s pick for Vice President.

But Caroline Kennedy –similarly an intriguing, attractive outsider decked in designer duds and a thin resume — isn’t put under the same kind of scrutiny.

The left is just plain giddy with excitement over a return to Camelot and the New York press corps, the most selectively tough in the business, is following suit. One this is certain: if Kennedy’s last name were Palin she wouldn’t be anointed.

More here: http://foxforum.blogs.foxnews.com/2008/12/19/tantaros_caroline_kennedy/

Tantaros is spot on with this. The only reason Caroline Kennedy has been nominated is because the Kennedys have an arrogant sense of entitlement and privilege, along with a contingent of fawning moonbats. This is why Teddy keeps getting re-elected in Massachusetts. Sarah Palin who runs the budget and the military of Alaska, has more experience than Caroline Kennedy and B. Hussein Obama combined, and none of the corruption, to boot.

If Hillary got elected, Caroline Kennedy should have no problem being ushered into the New York Senate.

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