Thank You, Governor Palin

Dear Governor Palin,

It was a privilege to vote for you on the GOP ticket. You’re a smart, strong, independent, take-no-bullshit kind of gal.

You’re a tough, no-nonsense reformer as well as intelligent, articulate, and principled.
You’re Middle America. That’s why the Democrats hate you.

You weathered the onslaught of rabid bloggers and main stream media leftwingnuts who flung some of the most obscene, slanderous, filthy tirades ever manufactured.

Not able to find any real  dirt in your past or your character, they fabricated, instead. They resorted to targeting your daughter and your innocent infant son, because being the puerile simps they are, they lack the courage to fight with the adults.

I hope to see you run for President in 2012 and exude the same toughness and confidence that made you a successful Governor of Alaska.

America needs someone like you in D.C., and even more so after Obama and his merry band of socialist idiots are done destroying this country.

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