The 2009 Asshat of the Year Award Goes to…..

List of the nominees:

And the winner is…….(Drum roll….)

B. Hussein Obama and THE DEMOCRATS!!

There’s so much that they’ve accomplished this year to earn the honor, and it’s difficult to know where to start, so I’ll just recap.

For Obama’s feckless decisions on GITMO, serving as a Dhimmi tool, aiding terrorist groups, granting Constitutional rights to foreign enemy combatants, freeing some terrorists and trying others in a civilian court instead of in front of a military tribunal:

For giving money to hostile foreign governments:

For changing the methods and terminology of fighting terrorism into a PC fest:

For Obama’s incompetence in the war against Islamofascism:

For being an apologist for domestic Islamic terrorism:

For apologizing and ingratiating himself to the world on our ‘behalf’:

Kowtowing to despots:

For siding with America’s enemies:

For stocking his cabinet with marxist/socialist/Dhimmi appointees with a history of anti-American/anti-democracy ideology:

For hiring tax cheats, including a tax cheat as Secretary of the Treasury:

For the Democrats’ assault on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and basic freedoms:

For destroying our economy with socialism:

For the Democrats’ payoffs and graft:

For using leftwing MSM cohorts in an effort to develop a propaganda campaign to put a smiley face on Obama’s socialist agendas:

For Democrats’ jack-booted tactics in trying to force government-run ObamaCare on the American people, and the communist influence behind it:

For tyrannical power grabs:

For persecuting the Bush administration and CIA interrogators who saved American lives:

For disrespect toward and incompetence with regard to the United States Military:

For the Cap and Trade farce:

For all this and much more, Obama and his motley crew of Democrats deserve the “Asshat of the Year Award”.


2 thoughts on “The 2009 Asshat of the Year Award Goes to…..”

    1. kjs,
      If the Dems keep it up, and I’m sure they will, they will likely garner the award for a long time.

      SFC MAC

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