The Cleveland Browns Fans’ ‘Perfect Season Parade’

If I weren’t boycotting the NFL because of the kneeling thugletes, I might actually be upset about Cleveland’s inability to win a football game.

The empty seats at First Energy Stadium and across the country, weren’t just because of the lousy records, it’s because of the fans’ anger at their reprehensible behavior, including Cleveland players, and the NFL commissioner’s ass-kissing.

I have not watched a single NFL game this year, but in this case, you’ve got to have a good sense of irony and humor, hence the Cleveland Browns fans’ ‘Perfect Season Parade’.

From Fox8 Cleveland:

Fans of the worst team in the NFL ended the season today at noon as they circled FirstEnergy Stadium to memorialize a winless season and perhaps humiliate Browns team management in Cleveland’s first perfect season parade.

Cleveland police say between 2,500 to 3,200 people were in attendance.

“We have no idea to speculate if it’s going to be hilariously small or hilariously big,” said Browns fan, Bridgete Soeder.

Hate it or love it, fans planning to drive floats or deck out their cars lined up in Tremont Friday to get tickets.

“We send a message. We show the Browns that we’ve got a voice and raise a lot of money and bring in a lot of canned food for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank,” said McNeil.

Canned donations are encouraged; monetary donations will also be given to the food bank. McNeil says when you factor out the cost, $13,000 in donations have been raised ahead of the parade.

Meanwhile, fans got creative with signs they are planning to show off.

“We’re going to have a banner on my dog grooming truck which is a mobile dog grooming service and it’s going to say, ‘when your dawg need a cut,'” said Alice Butterfly, who will drive in the parade.


I was born in Cleveland. I’ve been a Browns fan since 1964; the last time they won a national championship. It’s been 29 years since they won their division.

As a kid, I watched all the greats; Jim Brown, Frank Ryan, Lou Groza.

I lived through the Cardiac Kids, Red-Right 88, The Fumble, The Drive, the Couch debacle, and now a ‘perfect season’ of 0-16.

On 09 January, 2006, Jim Caple at put together an article called the Misery Index. Guess where we ranked?

We are the most loyal fans in the NFL.  Our Browns Backers organization has approximately 93,100 fans worldwide, and is considered the largest sports-fan organization in the USA.

We are proud of our history and all of the accomplishments from some of the greatest athletes ever to play the game.

But, after years of frustration because of piss-poor coaching, half-assed efforts, and losing seasons, we are fed up.

We packed that stadium rain, snow, and sunshine.  Those of us who couldn’t afford the sky-high ticket, food, and beer prices, could be found at our neighborhood pubs and at home, yelling at the TV.

We’re god-damned sick to death of painful, needless losses, pulling defeat from the jaws of victory, and lame explanations. We deserve better.  We have a right to expect a competitive, winning team, like any other fans.
Take our anger and criticism to heart; make the necessary changes to bring this team back to championship caliber.

And while you’re at it, get up off your fucking knees and show some respect for the anthem, flag, military, and your country.  Act like you have some class.

We’re tired of this shit.



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