The Continuing Plight of Hurricane Sandy Victims and Government Failure

If George Bush had acted this way, the leftwing douche bags would be calling for his head.

The SCOAMF showed up for a photo op on Staten Island. He must be done with campaigning.  During his speech, he had the gall to praise government agencies and tell insurance companies (the private sector) to “show some heart”.

Like this government agency, asshole?:

Just when housing became crucial, FEMA decided to sell emergency trailers before the hurricane landed.

Federal officials sold hundreds of emergency trailers for disaster victims at fire-sale prices in the months before Hurricane Sandy churned toward the United States, The Washington Examiner has learned.

Now, with thousands of families left homeless in New York and New Jersey by the hurricane, those same federal officials are poised to spend more taxpayer dollars to buy brand-new trailers.

In all, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has sold nearly 900 of the prefabricated temporary homes – none more than four years old and most used only once – since 2009, according to the newspaper’s analysis of federal surplus property auctions.

The agency even sold two trailers on Oct. 22, the same day the National Weather Service upgraded a tropical depression and christened it Sandy. Forecasters began warning the same day of a possible super-storm making landfall somewhere in North Carolina or further north in heavily populated areas of the Eastern Seaboard as far as Maine.

Since FEMA took its sweet fucking time getting to the hardest hit areas, private citizens and businesses showed real heart and stepped up to provide help:

……several people were able to get deliveries in from private companies like Amazon. One called into the local radio station to say that he’d even ordered a generator through Amazon and successfully had it delivered the next day. Many small business owners called into the same station to offer their services and even their homes and offices for free. Others told me that companies like Walmart were bringing in free water. There are countless stories of private enterprise coming through for people stranded without heat and power, their supplies dwindling, or trapped in areas by downed trees and power lines. Reports are finally surfacing that victims in NJ are saying they feel abandoned and are begging for help. Yet, as surprised and dismayed as I’ve been that local officials haven’t sent anyone over to knock on doors to check on people’s well-being and provide information, or that aid hasn’t been brought directly to immobile residents…

The FEMA director, Craig Fugate thinks his agency has done a super awesome job.

The victims beg to differ.

It took them a while to find the dead bodies.

Rudy Giuliani slams FEMA.

New York harbor is now a toilet:

Human waste has been pouring into New York Harbor from the fifth largest sewage treatment plant in the nation since it was hit by Sandy, and the operator of the plant cannot predict when it will stop.

A 12-foot surge of water swamped the Newark plant that serves some three million people when Sandy struck on Oct. 29. The plant has pumped more than three billion gallons of untreated or partially treated wastewater into local waterways since then.

Mike DeFrancisci, executive director of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, would only say “ASAP” when asked when repairs to the sprawling facility could be made.

“ASAP”.  Like FEMA.


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  1. hello…I’m from the gubmi…

    oh wait…you can’t own guns in NJ,NY…

    heh heh heh…

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