The Democrats’ Assault on America

Something unprecedented has happened in our history.  An American president, in concert with media cronies and a Democratic majority in Congress and Senate, has launched an all out assault on the American people.

Instead of focusing their animosity on Islamic terrorists, they’re targeting us.

Barack Obama and his Democrat contingency in Congress and Senate are stomping all over the Constitution and dismantling individual rights.  They believe they are above the law. They are arrogant, smug, self-absorbed, conceited autocrats who circumvent the Constitution behind closed doors and away from the American public.

He’s trying to ramrod detrimental laws down our throats. His cabinet is stuffed with muslim extremists and far left czars who seem to operate independently and at will.  The main stream media is at Obama’s beck and call, and his staff runs a White House internet site for snitches. Mark Lloyd, the Communications Diversity “czar” in the FCC, believes that freedom of speech is ‘overrated’. Not only does he want to limit the First Amendment, but he would like to tailor it to fit Obama’s “communication policies”.

Obama has engaged in a wholesale economic slaughter of bank bailouts, huge “stimulus” payoffs to special interests, seizure of private industry, and presenting this country with trillions of dollars in new  debt.  Forget ‘wealth re-distribution’, he’s already started wealth confiscation….AIG, Chrysler, GM, and the assortment of banks and other private industries is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s your “change”; work hard, make money, and Obama will “spread your  wealth”. 

An American President is supposed to have American interests at the heart of our foreign policy.
Tough diplomacy backed up with decisive action, has been replaced with kowtowing to the world’s despots. Obama makes Jimmy Carter look ‘presidential’.
His vacillating on Afghanistan puts the lives of American troops in danger and gives the Taliban encouragement to simply wait out the storm, while THE ONE takes his time formulating a ‘strategy’.  As for the military, I can attest to the fact that the majority of service members do not like Obama or his dismissive, arrogant attitude.

Democrat politicians spew epithets of “nazi” , “racist”, and “evil mongers” at their own constituents, who dare to question or get angry at the way this country is being destroyed.  Their idea of “debate” is to use town halls as their soapbox for a one-way lecture; a platform for the Democrats to dictate policy, not as an open forum.  They sic SEIU thugs and media hacks on protesters to squelch dissent.  When we protested against the Democratic push for government-controlled health care, we were told by our own elected officials to “sit down and shut up.”  That’s when we took off the kid gloves and put on the brass knuckles. That’s why they’re cancelling meetings, locking their doors, and closing the curtains when we confront them on their rubber stamping the policies of a dangerous socialist megalomaniac.

The White House occupant is a Marxist who was schooled by a corrupt Chicago political machine, and Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. His friends, colleagues, supporters, and mentors include:  ACORN, The (socialist) New Party, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Tony Rezko, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Van Jones,  CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood, Arab American Action Network, The New Black Panthers, PLO operatives like Rashid Khalidi, and terrorist fundraisers like Hatem El-Hady.

 A veritable conglomeration of miscreants.

Pay close attention to their words and deeds. Study their backgrounds. Examine Obama and the people with whom he surrounds himself. He is a stupid, dangerous individual, with terrorists and Marxists for friends, associates, and supporters. They are hellbent on destroying the fabric of this country.

For decades the Democrats have depended on the “victimized” minority segment of American society. They want those victims, moreover, they need those victims. If the black and hispanic community ever woke up to the fact that their purpose in life is to function as tools for the democratic machine, an entire voting bloc would disintegrate.

Last I checked we were supposed to be a Democratic Republic. The politicians, Democrats in particular, sure are acting as if we’re not.  They are anti-free market enterprise and are determined to turn America into a Banana Republic.

Those of us who predicted this Socialist train wreck, and worked diligently to stop it from being elected, are now being joined by those who once thought Obama was the second coming of Christ. 

I’m an American citizen, a retired Army Sergeant First Class, and taxpayer. I have no “special interests” other than preserving what was promised in the Bill of Rights and Constitution. I don’t receive millions of dollars in lobbying funds, and I don’t qualify for welfare or a bailout.

Whenever the government spends beyond our means, we pay the price.  The more government legislates its way into our lives, the less rights we have.

The “reform” I’d like to see is a return to free market enterprise, the Bill of Rights, and Constitution.  As of 20 January 2009, all three have been suspended. 

The citizens of the United States of America will have to hit rock bottom before they are forced off their collective asses,  and do something about the way they get pushed around by Big Brother Obama.

I will raise hell right along side my compatriots until my government returns to the principles outlined in the founding of this country.

If you believe in those principles, join the fight. If you don’t, you’re in  for a hell of a fight.

9 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Assault on America”

  1. off the reservation

    The Declaration of Independence is a document that: declares the rights and liberties of all people to be above any form of government created by man; outlines the abuses from a king the authors had sworn their life long allegiance to; and declares those necessary remedies when a government violates the rights and liberties that all people are endowed with.

    There is nothing wrong with our Constitution. The problem lies with 537 people in Washington, D.C. Many of them are there because a growing majority of people of this country want something for nothing. The way to satisfy the selfish desires of those people in our borders is to impose a tyranny over the hard working US Citizens of this country, to crush their rights and liberties.

    I did not swear an oath to those 537 despots. I did not swear an oath to Washington, D.C. I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. The following is a good opinion piece from Judge Napolitano:

    If it is the will of the liberals that their opinion of the Constitution allows them to crush my liberties and freedoms then I have every right to reject them, violently if necessary. There was a time in the history of this country when “the right thing” was not just some opinion. There was a time that requesting the government use the force of life/death/imprisonment over some to take their property and redistribute to others was considered “the wrong thing.” Today, the liberals created a new dialogue where everything is about opinion. The liberals have so shifted our discourse to the field of opinion and “do it if it feels good” that after a while many of us fall into the trap that all of this is just one person’s opinion over another.

    I have no place to run. I have no place to abandon ship. If I return to some place it would be the reservation that I grew up on; however, time and liberalism would bring the tyranny there. Running only delays the inevitable. An army in disarrayed retreat is an invitation for slaughter. An army that stands its ground, fixes bayonets, and fights for the right reason might lose; but, the enemy will suffer such a loss as to be filled with great fear for any future engagement.

    All you liberals out there go ahead and laugh. Sip your fine elitist wines, smoke your fine elitist cigars, sit in your fine elitist corinthian leather chairs. Do not think for one moment I do not know who you are. There are many of us who will not run. If your desire is to abuse the power, take what is not yours through agents of the government, and trumpet your “will of the people” to violate my basic rights as a human then know that I will destroy everything of value and hunt you in the night. I will not run away. I will not be your slave.

  2. Dan Lenahan

    I am not opposed to limiting federal control of the lives and fortunes of the people. Far from it, I encourage it. But in the popular expression lately I am seeing a call for “states rights”. That concerns me as it was that very issue that impelled DDE to assert the peoples rights over states rights in Brown vs. BOE and the events following. While that instance was in my view honorable and necessary as was many of the civil rights legislation that followed it opened a door that we may want to reexamine in the light of current 21st century realities.

    States ideally are smaller and by extension of logic more responsive to the concerns and dictates of their citizens we must ask if that is strictly true. Are corporations, with their billion, perhaps trillion, dollar values equal to John Q. Citizen or are they another entity entirely? In the recent Citizen’s United decision by the SCOTUS corporations and unions are the same as Harry down the street. We all know that is a crock of, to use Col. Potter’s line, horse hockey that makes no sense at all. The interest of the citizens are subrogated to what are properly apolitical entities that are not humans but organizations.

    Elections, like the strategy of the ever present undeclared wars, are won or lost in the arena of perception. Money buys those perceptions by way of the MSM’s advertising. What you don’t hear you can’t know and often better arguments are barred from the public consciousness by a paucity of advertising revenues. For most part the soundbite is mightier than the thought process. All three branches of government are up for sale to the highest bidder that can buy the best media exposure.

    This is the slave that drives House members to be constantly campaigning, Senators to suck up to the big bucks and Judges – our last hope for justice when all else is wrong – to be pre-paid decision makers for the deep pocketed contributors.

    There is a simple, elegant solution to this that will pass muster in the face of the curious dictates of a suddenly activist SCOTUS. Every citizen, corporate, union or otherwise is limited to a set dollar amount for political contributions INCLUDING PAC’s. In this simple step the ability to to shout above others is, of equal standing (one man, one vote) is inhibited.

    Votes are not weighed on the financial standing of the voter. Neither should the ability to control political discussion be.
    It is obvious that the executive and legislative branches have been reduced to whoredom by this process. What is less apparent is that the judicial branch is equally beholden by way of either political appointment or the electoral process. A thorny issue either way.

    1. Dan,

      First you must understand the concept of states’ rights. As U.S. citizens, (people) we have inherent, unalienable rights. There are two types of power; from the top-down, and from the bottom-up. The framers of the Constitution knew that democracy functions best when the federal government represents the wishes of the people, i.e. the states. (the bottom-up concept). They wrote the Constitution with the intent to limit the power of the three branches of federal government; leaving the people to decide if or when to amend the document.

      Now, you brought up the issue of civil rights (Brown -v- Board of Education). I agree with you that while the decision was honorable, it opened up a Pandora’s Box of subsequent government actions that violated the Constitution. We gave them an inch, they took a mile.

      I wholeheartedly support the SCOTUS decision on the Citizens United lawsuit. To begin with, it’s Constitutional and a victory for free speech.
      This law lets stand the rules on corporate and union disclosure. They can give what they want, but the amount will be matter of public record.
      Read my post on this:

      Speaking of the ability to control political discussion, that’s precisely what the Dems want to do with the “Fairness Doctrine”.

      Limiting the amount spent on a political contributions also limits free speech. Your objection is the “ability to shout above others”. Well, the motley crew of Dems tried to shout down fed-up Americans protesting Obama’s socialist agenda, including government-controlled health care. The voice of the people shouted down the corrupt, power hungry politicians with a resounding HELL NO.

      Your (allow me to make one change) one person, one vote, assumption is mistaken. We are a democratic republic; which means our votes work like this:
      From one of my posts on the subject:

      There is no Constitutional right for individuals to vote in a Presidential election. The only people with a Constitutional right to vote are the electors from each state. How the state legislatures choose and appoint the electors is up to them. It doesn’t necessarily involve a statewide public referendum.

      The 24th Amendment is rather vague:


      Section I

      “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay poll tax or other tax.”

      The tax provision aside, the 24th Amendment at first glance, not only includes voting for electors, but as individuals in a Presidential election. The first part of that paragraph: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President…” seems pretty clear, unless you interpret the “for electors” as “only” but not “and”.

      I’m very well aware of the Electoral College and its function. What I’m saying is this: The electors cast their vote based on the public vote tally in each state, even though nothing in the exact wording of the Constitution includes the individual citizen voting in a Presidential election.

      The Constitution provides that senators will be elected by state legislatures and the President will be selected by a body of “electors” rather than a national vote. In spite of this, citizens still cast votes for chosen candidates, and not specific “electors”. If the Constitution is taken literally, we’re supposed to be voting for electors, not Presidential candidates.

      Each state has a set number of electoral votes; the popular vote of a state determines to whom those electoral votes will go. Hence, the ‘republic’ concept.
      That’s not based on the ‘financial standing of the voter’.

      SFC MAC

  3. I’ll give Obama one thing, he awakened a slumbering populace that hasn’t been seen since LBJ & RMN. Then it was the left now it the Constitutionalists. It’s about time! Give the man a hand. He woke us up to the creeping decay that has been eating away at our Republic for generations.

    1. nycentrist,

      I always said that America would have to hit rock bottom before the patriots woke up and raised hell. The problem with this last election: Obama appealed to two different demographics. One has a sense of unearned entitlement; an able-bodied but lazy segment of society that siphons off the public dole and passes that tactic on to their multiple children, like a family heirloom. The other is comprised of liberal effetes looking for a Marxist messiah to bring the big, bad, evil United States to its knees; in other words, to make us into a kowtowing, Dhimmi, Euro clone.

      McCain was a weak candidate with faults of his own. He wasn’t strong enough on border security/illegal aliens, and associated with assclowns like Juan Hernandez, a La Raza mouthpiece.

      Personally, I’d like to see a guy like retired Army LTC Allen West run for President. Here’s the info on him:

      There’s one small consolation: Whatever damage Obama does to our national security and economy will cease in 2012. Until then, we have to do our damndest and fight it.

      SFC MAC

  4. You go girl!! We are in for a hell of a fight. I just did a big investigative article for the newspaper about healthcare providers and the centralized scheduling they purport to install in a hospital in Wyoming thus taking the patients from the productive hard-working docs and spreading them out to the ones who don’t really have a healthy practice because they’d rather play golf thereby ‘spreading the wealth’ and I compared it to Obamalamafofama’s idea of spreading the wealth of us hard working Americans to those who consider entitlement one of their constitutional rights.

    1. Ben,

      Ignoramuses worship at the altar of a socialist kleptocracy, and call our caveats a “straw-man”.

      You can go back to playing with yourself, now.

      SFC MAC

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