The Dems Shove ‘Reconciliation’ Bill Through Congress

The Dems continue their march towards a Socialist State.

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The tally:

219 Dem Yes votes.
34 Dem No votes, and all 178 Republicans.

Next up: the Republicans motion to recommit.
An explaination of what’s next:

The House might be finished with reconciliation (for now), but the bill is still FAR from passing. Get ready to add some new words to your Congressional glossary.

The singular question of the moment: Harry Reid has the 50 votes he needs for final passage of reconciliation legislation, but can he and his deputies get through the reconciliation game unscathed? Not one word can be changed with the bill, or it must return to the House for another vote (we call this “ping pong”).

If history is any guide, this bill will hit a trap, get changed, and then will immediately be sent back to the House.
The rest here:

With this particular bill, the government just saddled taxpayers with a shitload of educational-funding provisions that have nothing to do with health care—reform or otherwise.  Among them: adding the student loan business to its jurisdiction, investment in historically black colleges and universities and minority-serving institutions, and directing loans to institutions outside of the United States.
The immediate impact will be a spike in tax increases for Social Security, Medicare, and a 3.8% tax on investment income. Small businesses will feel the brunt of this first, and more jobs will be lost.
Neal Boortz has a summary:

This “reconciliation” bill is just a portion of the entire ObamaCare package.

2 thoughts on “The Dems Shove ‘Reconciliation’ Bill Through Congress”

  1. Let’s hope they up to the task. It’s not enough to strike a pose, they have to fight tooth and nail this time out.

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