‘We Have Failed to Listen to America’

Ya think??

The following is a kick-ass speech in the House chambers by Rep. John Boehner from my home state of Ohio. Unfortunately, he’s not in my district; we’re stuck with a couple of Dem douchebags.



The Republicans will challenge the bill with amendments:

Republicans plan to present hundreds of amendments to a historic health care bill when it arrives in the Senate, a senior Republican senator said Sunday, signaling a messy fight to the finish.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who outlined the Republican tactics in an interview with Fox News, said the aim was “to highlight what is in the bill that is bad and why the American people are right when they say we don’t want it.”

Asked if Republican leaders had planned dozens of amendments to the legislation, Cornyn answered that there were “probably more in the order of hundreds of amendments” to the bill after it moves from the House to the Senate.

They also plan to challenge specific provisions of the bill as not having a direct effect of reducing the deficit, he said.

Republicans are preparing a series of amendments and objections to the secondary bill designed to force Democrats to take difficult political positions.

Republican Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa said Monday he plans to introduce an amendment to require the president, Cabinet members and White House staff to buy their insurance through the government exchanges. As written, the overhaul prevents them from going to the exchanges because they get their insurance through their employer.

……The Senate will debate the bill through Thursday and then start voting on the amendments in a frenzy called “vote-o-rama.” Lawmakers stay in the Senate chamber all day working through votes on the amendments with only a few minutes to debate the merits of them or read them.


The fight is far from over.

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