The Latest News on the Illegal Alien Front

You just can’t make up this shit.

From the Department of Homeland Stupidity:

Chertoff hired company that used illegal workers

The nation’s top immigration cop unknowingly used a company that hired illegal immigrants to clean his home for about three years, starting in 2005.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff hired the Maryland-based Consistent Cleaning Services to clean his home in the D.C. suburbs every few weeks for the past three years until an investigation conducted by one of his department’s agencies discovered the company hired illegal workers.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation, which began in January, culminated in charges against the owner of the cleaning company, James Reid, who was fined $22,800 in October, according to a homeland security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. Nine of Reid’s employees were found using fraudulent documents, and 11 did not produce the appropriate forms to verify that they were legally allowed to work in the United States, the official said.

The investigation has not proven that any of the illegal workers actually cleaned Chertoff’s home, the official said.

The company had cleaned Chertoff’s home every few weeks for $185 since 2005. Chertoff became aware of the situation in April, fired the company and recused himself from the investigation, the official said.

Company owner James Reid did not immediately return phone calls. But in an interview with The Washington Post, Reid said, “Our homeland security can’t police their own home. How can they police our borders?”

That’s a good question Reid. I’d add that you can’t even police your own business.


Some good news:

Some illegals are leaving (of their own volition!) never to return.

After going months without a full-time job, Daniel Ramirez has decided it’s time to return to family in Mexico.

……Roberto Espinoza is going back, too. After 18 years as a mechanic for a General Motors dealership in Denver, his work permit wasn’t renewed and he didn’t want to remain in the country illegally.

All are leaving Colorado in time for Christmas — joining a traditional holiday migration that will number almost 1 million people, says Mexico’s interior ministry. But they have no intention of returning to Colorado, a place that promised prosperity.

And safe haven for felons.

Merry Christmas and good riddance.

Layoffs, dwindling job opportunities, anti-immigrant sentiment and the crackdown on illegal immigrants are forcing hard choices on many Mexican nationals in Colorado. Though not an exodus, some are returning to a nation they haven’t seen in years.

…..Mexico’s consul general in Denver, Eduardo Arnal, said more people like Ramirez are going home for good.

……Espinoza said the recession’s onset took him by surprise. He’ll be seeing his country for the first time in nearly two decades.

“I miss my country,” said Espinoza, 34, who is returning to Guadalajara, Jalisco.

If you stay there, you won’t.

Vicenta Rodriguez Lopez lives in Severance, about 60 miles north of Denver. She’s leaving for the Mexican state of Sinaloa after 15 years because her husband, who worked at a ranch dairy, was deported for being here illegally.

“He told me to pack up everything,” Rodriguez, 40, said in Spanish. “We’re not young anymore.”

Her 21-year-old son, also in the country illegally, plans on staying.

Like most illegal ailens, their felony is a family affair. Let’s hope the Feds either arrest and deport him or he gets a fucking clue and leaves on his own.

And some interesting news about the ‘homeland’:

Iraq is safer than Mexico:

This month, about 26 people a day are dying from criminal and terrorist violence a day in Iraq. That’s a bit lower than the death toll in northern Mexico, which on a bad day (like last November 3rd) saw 58 people killed. The police are generally helpless, hundreds of thousands of middle-class Mexicans have fled the border region, often to the United States (if they had dual-citizenship, which many do). Those without money must hunker down and wait for someone to win this war. The drug gangs show no signs of weakening, although the army believes that it can prevail in the next year or so.

December 14, 2008: So how is the Cartel War going, two years on? President Felipe Calderon — the man in the cauldron– sees progress. In a recent speech Calderon addressed what he saw as the deep challenge in Mexico — corruption. “Instead of faltering,” Calderon said, “we have taken on the challenge of turning Mexico into a country of laws.” Corruption in the police and judiciary provides the “dirty space” for all types of crime, but the drug cartels essentially began carving out “drug duchies,” which is one reason Calderon decided to use the Mexican military. Calderon saw a situation similar to that in Colombia, where at one time the rebel FARC organization openly claimed territory. FARC started out with political aims and still claims political aims, but the people of Colombia came to know it as a criminal gang in the narcotics and kidnapping business. Mexico’s drug cartels skipped the political stage though they love buying politicians.

……December 1, 2008: Mexican media reported that November 2008 was the deadliest month in Mexico’s now two-year old Cartel War. Over 700 people (one source reported 701 to be precise) were killed in November. 669 were killed in October 2008. That brings the death toll for 2008 to somewhere between 4900 and 5100 murders. One source reported 4961, another 5024. Still, the Mexican government can point to some progress in reducing kidnappings since launching an anti-kidnapping initiative as part of its August 2008 national security accord. The government reported that kidnappings since September have averaged 72 a month. This is down from an average of 90 a month (January through August 2008). But remember several things about all of these numbers — they rely on reported and investigated crimes. That said, the 2008 death toll is another indicator that Mexico is a country at war.

Mexico, and Central and South America are cesspools of terrorist-style crimes, kidnappings, bribery, and high-level government corruption. Their armies are on the cartels payroll.

A small digression:

The ‘war on drugs’ is a waste of time and a joke. The main GNP for these countries is drugs.
Legalization of drugs, across the board, is the solution but the government racket of anti-drug laws and ‘enforcement’ is just as lucrative.

If all drugs are legalized, the rug gets yanked out from under the kingpins, and the propensity for drug-related crimes will plummet. Think about it. Billions of dollars spent on trying to stop something that involves that good old economic axiom: Supply and Demand. Prohibition did not work. Nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol–all drugs–are legal because the government controls the production, sale, and taxation. What I would do is this: Legalize all drugs with this stipulation: You can do whatever you want to yourself, but if you harm anyone else during the production, sale, or use, we will put you under the prison.

And besides, didn’t Bubba Clinton bail out Mexico to the tune of $50 Billion dollars back in 1995? Geez, now just what did Vincente Fox do with all that dough?

$50 Billion U.S. dollars, even at today’s rate, could by the entire fucking southern latin-American hemisphere, for Christ’s sake.

In any case, with idiots like Chertoff in charge of Homeland Security, it’s a good thing illegal aliens are going home. Too bad the terrorist cells filtering across the border aren’t doing the same thing.

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