The Left Joins Radical Muslims to Mourn Osama Bin Laden as a Martyr, Al Qaeda Threatens Revenge

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As soon as Osama Bin Laden’s arrival in hell was announced, the Al Qaeda published threats of revenge on their websites.  

The list of muslims who are downright depressed over Bin Laden’s death  include Hamas, Pervez Musharaff, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, and the Somalian terrorist group, Al-Shabab.

Hundreds of Pakistanis hit the streets in protest, apparently angry that their country’s safehaven for the bastard had been discovered.

The Pakistan army didn’t like the fact that the SEALS snuck by them to get to Bin Laden’s compound. They’re pissed over the raid and are threatening to ‘reconsider cooperation’ with the U.S. if there’s another ‘violation of sovereignty’. Color me unimpressed. We should reconsider the $10 billion in aid we gave them over the past decade, that supposedly went to fight the terrorist militants they’ve actually been protecting. Fuck Pakistan. It’s just another one of those countries that belongs on the list of enemies.

Indonesia isn’t pleased either.  Anjem Choudary’s bunch are screaming outside the U.S. Embassy in London.  And the hadjis in the Philippines are acting up.

The Left’s shameless and stupid politicizing on behalf of Obama has some opposition—from other leftwingnuts.

The porcine Michael Moore weeps,:

“He may be dead, but in a way, he won. We gave up our rights. We passed a PatriotAct. We spent trillions on needless wars. Fear now rules us.”

Well, you’re right about one thing, fatso. Had we simply leveled each and every Islamofascist nation-state with neutron bombs on 12 September, we would have saved tons of money.
He thinks Bin Laden deserved a trial:

Look at the Nuremberg Trials. We didn’t just pop a bullet in the heads of the worst scum in history. We thought it was important to put them on trial and expose their evil. In a democracy we believe in a system of justice and we believe in a judicial system that gives people a day in court…and then we hung them.

After 10 years of witnessing terrorist atrocities committed by radical muslims, who the hell needs to “expose their evil”?

He deserved a slow, agonizing death. He deserved to be chopped up in little pieces and flushed down a toilet. He deserved to be hung by his ankles and beaten like a pinata. He deserved to get a bullet for every “infidel” he had killed on 9/11. Unfortunately, the SEAL team had to kill him right away, and Obama gave him the kind of funeral reserved for members of our military, who sacrificed their lives to fight his terrorist shitbags.
Must be part of his “muslim outreach” program.

Mike Malloy, one of the most rabid moonbats on the Left, wants to know when the SEALS will go after “mass murderer” Bush.

Stay classy, Malloy.

Leftie German political scientist Herfried Munkler, chastises Americans for the gratification brought by Osama Bin Laden’s death.  Hey Munkler, defeating your homeboy Hitler made us kinda happy, too.

The DailyKos wackjobs just can’t bring themselves to cheer.  This is coming from a site known for assassination fantasies about George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove.

And SURPRISE, the assclowns at the U.N. want to know if “if the raid conformed to “international human rights law standards.” Ironic, considering the fact that Obama himself officially ended the war on terror in 2009, and nullified every legal order and opinion on interrogations issued by any lawyer in the executive branch after September 11, 2001.

Because of Obama’s undue respect to a real bloody mass murderer and no decisive policy when dealing with muslim terrorists and the countries that harbor them, Bin Laden’s death has brought only a small measure of justice.  But what do you expect from the “smartest guy in the room”?

The practitioners of the “religion of peace” declared war on the West years ago, and it’s not over. Their perpetual rage in the name of “allah” covers everything from depictions of mosques and mohammad to the Miss World beauty pageant.

It takes guts to get the information from hardened terrorists, and to hunt down and kill the enemy. Hint: It ain’t politically correct.

The West is being targeted by a culture of Islamic zealots who want to submit everyone, including their leftwing sympathizers, to a Caliphate. They’ve made that abundantly clear through their rhetoric and wide-spread violence; events that don’t resonate with Islam’s useful idiots.

9/11 didn’t hit close enough to their own back yard.

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